1. Hamza93

    Forgotten HP ProBook 4540s Bios Password?

    Hi! I put a password on my Probook 4540s Bios when I bought it (that was a childish move) and now I forgot it because it was a long time ago. I contact HP support and they surprise me they don't reset the Bios password anymore the only option is to replace the board. Here is my chat history...
  2. dimst23

    Weird lock-screen behavior

    Hi, I have a Xiaomi Notebook pro, with the latest macOS Mojave installed (10.14.5). It works fine, but I have noticed about 2 days ago a small problem. You can see the problem in the attached video. I can not describe it well so I attached the video. The problem is that when the lock screen is...
  3. 20four80five

    [Solved] "App wants to make changes" Window - Password field doesn't automatically focus

    I cannot for the life of me figure this one out. I tried searching online but couldn't find a solution - its kinda hard to Google this. This password window popup that requires your password - the password field/box doesn't automatically focus/become active like it does on my MacBook Pro. I...
  4. Mark.Durand

    [Solved] Forgotten Password - Recovery won't Load

    I need some advice. I built this Hackintosh over a year ago for my wife. Neither she nor I can remember the password for the log in Screen. I tried to load the Recovery Partition but it freezes. I tried to load from the USB that I used and that too freezes. It seems like i might be...
  5. tilllt

    OSX Installation results in BIOS password, why?

    I have a very old but very reliable hackintosh, that i am running for years. Some software i run needs minimum El Capitan so i decided to give the old horse one last update before retirement, installing Sierra (Updating from Mavericks). The machine is a Gigabyte Ep45-UD3p with 8GB ram, a GT9500...
  6. piupiu

    Apple forces to change password after every macOS update

    Hello experts! I have a very weird situation that maybe someone can shed some light on. I have a macOS Sierra build with Clover. Each time I install any update to the OS, Apple locks my iCloud and iMessage Apple user ID and I have to reset the password. When I don't do any updates, all works...
  7. Ozgur

    iCloud account locked and reset password. Again and again...

    Hello, I've been having a very worrisome problem ever since I upgraded my OS to mac Sierra. So far 4 times out of 20-30 logins to my OS a security warning pops up saying that my icloud account has been locked for security reason and asking me to change my password. (I'm running out of new...
  8. sirciori

    El Capitan keeps asking iCloud password

    I have installed El Capitan and everything works fine, except that iCloud keeps asking the password at every startup. How can I fix that? ps: Never been able to access iMessage and FaceTime: "error at activation time" (never planned to use these apps, but... maybe it's related, idk).
  9. Nocturnius

    Looking for some help.

    Hello, I have an old hackintosh I built years ago,with an intel d875pbz board.Problem is,I cannot remember the password to log in.I may have even installed filevault.Would anyone provide insight as to what I must do to circumvent/reset the password?TIA.
  10. Wzix

    Can't pass the login screen. Endless loading

    I successfully installed 10.10 via Clover, rebooted, created an account, entered the password, waited for a minute.. waited.. waited for two hours, and :beachball: was just constantly spinning. So, I haven't even managed to pass Apple logo screen. Please help me, I'm just one step away from...
  11. Lnx

    Installing on laptop without bios password

    Hi Everyone, I need some advice, I'm trying to install Yosemite on a fujitsu lifebook a series ah532 without the bios password. This laptop has Windows 8 on and I'm able to boot to an Ubuntu USB, using windows boot options but not to Unibeast USB. I appreciate any help Thanks
  12. beachwood

    Password problems logging onto my LAN

    I can't seem to get my new Hackintosh to connect to my LAN. It keeps rejecting my password. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  13. jstomel

    Wifi connect not working

    Here is my build: Gigabyte Ga-H77N-Wifi Corsair 430 W power supply Seagate ST500LM000 hard drive i3-2125 processor TP-Link TL-WN881ND wifi card in PCIe slot DSDT-GA-H77N-WIFI-F2.aml IO80211Family.kext Set up with MultiBeast-Mountain-Lion-Edition-5.4.1 Here is my issue: I can't connect to my...
  14. sathishrao

    Unable to install any applications on Mountain Lion

    Hi, I successfully installed Mountain Lion on my laptop, a Lenovo T400 using Unibeast and the store bought OS 10.8.4. As part of the install process I created a user id and was able to log into the system. I am trying to install Multibeast and the combo update to the OS and it asks me for the...
  15. ajayk111

    Need Help getting Wifi to work

    I need some help getting my wifi card to work: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Im on 10.6.2 and i have a password protected network