1. Idosim25

    Pascal support

    I saw the Nvidia cuda 8.0.46 mac driver(10/3/2016) and I checked the hardware compatibility list and Pascal gpu's are in this list. Does it mean that Pascal gpu's are now supported in Mac OS?

    1080p unsuported graphic card [Sierra]

    Hi ! succesfully installed sierra on my desktop ! But I face some problems, one of them is resolution. I own a gtx 1080, and I know there is no drivers available at this moment. But can I manage to get 1080p ? I'm stuck at 1280x1024. I tried SwitchResX, disabled System Integrity Protection. But...
  3. hackintoshftw1

    Sooo... Is it safe to say that there probably will be no 1070/1080 Nvidia Pascal support?... ever?

    Really bummed out. First, there is the lack of full x99 support (which I can live with) but now Pascal support is also taking damn too long. Is there anything Apple supports besides sh*t tier last generation hardware (usually)?
  4. feklhr

    Any news on OS X Pascal support for Sierra when it releases?

    Hi guys! Hope this question has not been asked 100 times. Has there been any news on whether Sierra will support GTX 1060, 1070 or 1080? Thank you in advance!
  5. m.gabriel

    Help: Installing OS X (Pascal) and Ubuntu alongside Windows

    So, here's the deal, my job is video editing, and I use something called Final Cut Pro at work, I was told it's only on Macs but a friend told me about Hackintoshing so I came here. My dilemma is that I already run Windows 10 Pro on my PC and every tutorial pretty much says start from scratch, I...
  6. Akat4

    $1600 budget for video editing computer - Question on graphics/Tbolt

    I edit video for a living, using Premiere CC daily, and Resolve on occasion. At my freelance gig and main office, we all use Macs with Thunderbolt connections for hard drives all formatted for Macs. I'm looking to build a desktop for editing at home, because my MacBook Pro is around 2.5 years...
  7. jonahcolor

    Can I use my iGPU with a GPU installed?

    Hey guys. Jonahcolor here. Currently I am dual booting Yosemite and Windows 10. I have a GTX 970 and I use the Nvidia web drivers while using Yosemite. I want to upgrade to Nvidia's new "Pascal" generation of cards (either a 1060 or a 1070) but I am aware that there are currently no web drivers...
  8. Nightsd

    Mixing Two Different Graphics Cards (Not SLI)

    Hi everyone. I am wondering: Is it possible to use a GTX Titan AND a GTX 970 in the same system with OS X El Cap/etc? The reason I ask is that I would like to use the 970 to use for plugging in my monitors and the GTX Titan for other things (deep learning). If it is possible, can I use the GTX...
  9. MrFSXguyHD

    Pascal GPU's

    Hey, I am currently thinking of buying the 1060 or 1070 as my next GPU. I dual-boot windows 10 to play all my games on Steam. I use El Capitan for all my music production needs (Logic Pro X). As there have been no drivers available for Hackintosh, I was wondering if it was somehow possible to...
  10. MarioT

    Dual boot with different graphics cards

    Hey everyone, I'm currently dual-booting Windows and Mac, but wanting to upgrade my GPU to a GTX 1070. Since the drivers aren't ready yet, would it be possible to run Windows off the 1070, then when I needed Mac, to just change the HDMI output to come from the motherboard instead? I assume that...
  11. beelzebozo

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Announced

    TweakTown reported that NVIDIA has announced the mid-range GeForce GTX 1060 GPU to directly compete with AMD's Radeon RX 480. It is supposed to provide performance close to a GTX 980, at a lower cost; however doesn't allow running dual cards in SLI. Source...
  12. sanke1

    Nvidia macOS Pascal drivers thread for GTX 1070 and GTX 1080

    Right now my GTX 1070 is running with nv_disable=1 flag and the experience is less than pleasant. The last I read was the driver support was coming along with CUDA 8. But was any ETA given?
  13. beelzebozo

    NVIDIA Special Event Today May 6 at 9 PM EST

    NVIDIA is expected to reveal its latest GeForce GTX GPU for 2016. Catch the live stream here: