1. Memac1999

    LG Oled TV - 1080ti issue, no signal

    Hello. I cant get my Hackintosh to display an image on my LG OLED 55 2017. I try to connect it with the 1080ti HDMI port but the TV says it has no signal. My Hackintosh detects that a display is connected but nothing more. Connecting the LG OLED TV to my macbook with the same HDMI cable and...
  2. AzadSingh

    No bless setting for a primary boot setting was found

    when I click continue to install sierra i get "No bless setting for a primary boot setting was found" and says to restart. PLS help thank you.
  3. Espionage724

    Intel iGPU with NVIDIA dGPU and HDMI port on dGPU?

    I have a laptop with Intel HD Graphics 630 for the iGPU and a NVIDIA GTX 1060 for the dGPU. My laptop's screen is wired to the iGPU, and my HDMI port is wired to my dGPU. My HDMI port allows for GSync if I had a monitor for it. I've gotten High Sierra running on this laptop and had graphics...
  4. frizkie

    No Reboot or Shutdown when Nvidia Web Drivers are enabled

    Hi, the build in my signature is accurate, and I'm running a GTX 1080. I have full graphics acceleration working properly, but when the nvidia web drivers are loaded (and only then), reboots and shutdowns both do the same thing - the process starts, I get a black screen with a cursor, the cursor...
  5. moog84

    Switch from Intel HD 630 to a Nvidia GPU

    Hi, I have been running my new build for a few weeks and it's been relatively smooth. I am now ready to add a GPU (ASUS 1060 6GB STRIX) and move away from the Intel 630 on-board graphics. As this has become my main work machine I would like to make the switch with the least possible disruption...
  6. Hitokiri

    [HALF-SUCCESS] Sierra | NVme | GTX 1080Ti | No video/audio playback

    Hi everyone ! I just installed my first hackintosh and I should say some aspects went pretty well. First, here's my build : - Mobo : Gigabyte GA-H270M-D3H - CPU : Intel Core Kabylake i7-7700K Processeur 4,20 GHz - Graphics Card : MSI GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X 11G - RAM : Ballistix Sport LT 64Go...
  7. TN1ck

    [Solved] Booting with 1060 GTX only shows the cursor, but the screen is black [High Sierra]

    Hello! Using this guide and some own problem solving I was able to install and successfully boot High Sierra. But one problem remains, which I couldn't find here or anywhere else. When...
  8. Artemis777

    Nvidia web drivers not working?

    hi guys, today I basically created my first hackintosh but i can't run nvidia web drivers on my gtx 1070. I have sierra 10.12.6 and the correct drivers installed and selected, nvidia web drivers are setted in the clover boot options but still my card is recognized as "nvidia chip 7mb". Can't...
  9. Klier

    Problem Installation GTX1060

    Hello all, i have the following Problem: I try to install my Geforce GTX1060 - 1. I activate the Nvidia Web boot 2.Reload 3.Install Nvidia web boot, but I have following Alert: (Screenshot) I try Continue - After Reboot I have a blackscreen and Cant see anything Thanks! Klier My System...
  10. mastermark

    [Help] High Sierra and Nvidia webdriver error: gIOScreenLockState 3 ...

    Hi all, First, I had some problems with installing high sierra, had to remove my GPU card (GTX 1050 ti) to get through to the installer. I can boot to high sierra desktop when my GPU is not connected to the motherboard. I installed de new nvidia webdriver for 10.13 (even tried with the...
  11. sopadesicomoro

    Best Pascal graphic card for dual monitor?

    Hello all. I'm building a video editing workstation. I was about to buy a EVGA GTX 1050 but I read a lot of issues with that card. Will the GTX 1060 be better due to having multiple DVI ports? Should I go for a "Maxwell" card for better compatibility? I'm pleased to hear suggestions. GIGABYTE...
  12. Nielsens

    [SOLVED] Sluggish UI perfomance on a 4k display (scaled)

    Hey, With the help of Koush X99 EFI (Thanks again!), I've built an x99 based Hackintosh. Here's my configuration: GA-X99P-SLI i7-6800k 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK16GX4M4A2800C16 Palit GTX 1050 TI passive Sierra 10.12.6 Latest nVidia WebDriver (for Pascal) I use this setup mainly for DAW...
  13. Blurpro395

    Unsuccessful Boot with Hackintosh

    I am going to begin to say I have read installation instructions many times. Here's the verdict: When I boot into my Clover USB drive like normal, I install MacOS Sierra from clover. All goes swell, until I find my PC stuck at 0% at the Apple logo. (if you are trying to understand exactly what...
  14. raycey345

    Clover keeps rebooting

    Hi. I have a very hard time getting a perfect boot load with sierra, installing it or after installation getting to desktop. Is it a graphics card or motherboard issue? I have a GTX 1060, i7 4790K, Maximus formula VII Z97 motherboard.
  15. OMK

    [Success] ASRock Z270M Extreme4, socket 1151 - Intel Core i7-7700K - GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

    OMK's The O-Build 2017: ASRock Z270M Extreme4 - i7-7700K - GTX 1050 on Sierra and High Sierra Components ASRock Motherboard Motherboards Z270M Extreme4 Intel 7th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processor i7-7700K...
  16. nikee123

    10.12.6-Nvidia Web Drivers, Wrong Resolution set on 2nd Monitor

    Hi all, First hackintosh successfully up and running 10.12.6, Nvidia Web drivers (10.12.6) also installed and active. Primary monitor working fine at 1920 x 1080 (HDMI) and also right screen size detected in about this Mac, Second monitor (DVI) however defaults to 75hz -1280 x 768, not its...
  17. franco199

    Running NVIDIA Pascal card passively

    I have a GTX 1080 iChill X4 Inno3D which supposedly can run passive under low load, yet it never does under macOS. The card mostly "works" (even though it doesn't seem to perform too well in games), and macOS 10.12.6 detects is as "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8191 MB". I'm using the latest NVIDIA...
  18. poles

    Enabling both Nvidia Pascal Graphics & Intel HD4600 for macOS Sierra 10.12.6

    Hi everyone, I recently brought MSI GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC graphics card and installed macOS 10.12.6 on my machine. Everything went well except the graphics. Previously I was having EL Capitan 10.11.6 with Zotac GT 610 Graphics card. I already installed the latest Nvidia web driver (378.05.05.25)...
  19. hyperbarro

    Nvidia Drivers not working GTX 1070

    Hey guys So I just installed Sierra 10.12.6 and installed the WebDrivers but the resolution still sucks and my PC still lags.. I'm new in this hackintosh world and would like some help so I can solve this.
  20. stefan.ceriu

    Powerhack G5

    Hey guys, I've been lurking on these forums for a very long time and the time has finally come to contribute something back. I just finished putting together this Kaby Lake Powerhack G5 and uploaded the whole build log here I'm hoping it will come in handy for next...