panic cpu

  1. crashandburn83

    Lilu Panic Boot Loop Sierra

    Well I've had my build running completely stable for quite a while and I've managed NOT to update past a certain pointt due to the age of my system. I really just use It for music programs and some light internet. So I applied a security update on my 10.12.6 Sierra system from the App Store and...
  2. zedoc

    Multiple "Panic Boots" Before a good one on Mojave

    Since direct upgrade to Mojave, i’m facing multiples "panic boots" (one or two) before a good one on my Z77x-UD5H system with clover. Same hardware and bios settings since high sierra, cleaned kext cache... I can’t isolate the problem.:rolleyes: attached a few "panic logs" i’ve had, with always...
  3. 007x

    High Sierra Asus Z77 error panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff802a58a611) Kernel trap

    I'm getting this error on install using Clover + High Sierra: My config: MB: Asus P8Z77-M Intel Core i5-3330 Using this tutorial to try the install: Any thoughts?
  4. TAE2053

    Installation stuck in this problem.

    Hi I tried to install many time MacOs Sierra but it stuck in Logo or System uptime in nanoseconds. My laptop is a HP Pavillion Specs: Core i7 8gb RAM ATI Redeon graphics I think i made all the steps correct I need your support please.
  5. studiocubico

    "Cold boot" reboot problem

    Hello! A year ago I build my first hackintosh with the help of this wonderful site and following the guide here (thanks to Cnrd and the rest of the people who collaborated): They helped me with some other issues...
  6. samygee

    [Solved] Cpu panic after time machine migration

    I hope this is the right forum for my question - I didn't find anything about this specific problem in the board search... I just installed a clean macos Sierra on my system. I applied all the necessary drivers, settings and clover using the newest version of multibeast. The result was a nice...
  7. jigar08it

    I got Panic error...

    Hello, I have installed el capitan 10.11.5 on my hp laptop. I tried to install Sierra Public preview. but got this panic error. can anyone solve this??
  8. eks1s

    panic cpu 0 caller

    Hi all. there is a problem . Put Hackintosh on PC. Clover i7-4770 msi z97 - g45 gaming GTX 970 When you install it this message. Tried to enter different teams, nothing helps. Sorry for my English please help
  9. aleeusman

    Yosemite Installation on HP 1000 Notebook PC

    I'm using Chameleon to install Yosemite but I can never make to the installation menu it always gives some errors like Panic cpu0blahblah I'm using Chameleon Bootloader I'm using HP 1000 Notebook PC, Core i3 2370M, 4GB RAM, and GPU is Intel HD Graphics 3000 I've used many bootflags cpus=1...