panic cpu 4 caller

  1. APoplas

    Sierra randomly crashing (CPU 0, 4, 6 panic)

    I had recently successfully installed latest Sierra 10.12.6 on my Custom built computer. I had helped myself with tutorial posted on tonymacx86, which describes installing process to similar Motherboard but same components(CPU, GPU). The computer is now running Sierra with audio, internet and...
  2. phiko73

    CPU 4 Caller Panic

    Hey all. I am hoping for some help here. My knowledge of computers is decent, but I do find myself slightly confused with the Hackintosh world from time to time. I pretty much try everything I can find, but sometimes I can't find anything that seems to be the same as I am experiencing. Here is...
  3. devankraal

    !HELP! Hackintosh crashing at boot after installing USB kexts

    Hi dear TonyMacx86 forum! Today I've run into a little problem... I updated to Mavericks 10.9.3. After doing this I encountered USB 3.0 freezes seemingly at random. Sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn't. After trying to do my own troubleshooting I found a couple of solutions. I didn't...