panic at startup

  1. HackintoshFanN99

    << Solved >> Help Needed Constant Restart After Login

    I made the Update 10.15.7. After the first reboot all went well but now after login it restarts after minutes constantly. Clover version used is 5122. I get this panic error. panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff7f867c4231): nvme: "Fatal error occurred. CSTS=0x1 US[1]=0x0 US[0]=0xa5 VID=0x144d DID=0xa808...
  2. jezzalencko9

    Constant reboot from Clover - "type 14=page fault", "can't perform kext scan"

    Hi, I have the following setup: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H i7 3770K Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 Windforce Running High Sierra (10.13.4) I've been successfully booting from Clover for many months but today a consistent kernel panic has started for no apparent reason. See attached. I've read a few...
  3. gremlink

    << Solved >> Freezing Minutes After Booting Up

    Hi Everyone, I've had this Hackintosh built for about 5 years and occasionally had it freeze on me if I immediately opened up any programs upon starting up. I had Flux installed and decided to try uninstalling and it seemed to help the issue. I also adapted to it by waiting a few minutes after...
  4. stalin21r

    << Solved >> AppleALC reboot kernel panic

    I don't start my hackintosh sierra, i installed a sound drivers with multibeast on sierra, after one reboot, my hackintosh dont boot, it stays in a reboot cycle, and a message appears. HELP please!!!! I leave the message image
  5. richardpsic

    Bizarre SSD drive failure

    Hello, I'm having a bit of a bizarre issue with my SSD. The Hackintosh suddenly restarted itself while I was using it, and it won't reboot, the boot bar indicator below the Apple logo just goes a quarter of the way and then it reboots again on an endless loop. So I removed the SSD and...
  6. hamoja

    Clover: Single User Mode failure

    Hello, my machine was upgraded to Mojave 14.1 and now it keeps crashing due to a conflict with a kext file that was I added to the library extension folder to help troubleshooting USB and bluetooth. From clover I set the boot flag to "-s" but unfortunately the laptop (Lenovo x250) keeps...
  7. zedoc

    Multiple "Panic Boots" Before a good one on Mojave

    Since direct upgrade to Mojave, i’m facing multiples "panic boots" (one or two) before a good one on my Z77x-UD5H system with clover. Same hardware and bios settings since high sierra, cleaned kext cache... I can’t isolate the problem.:rolleyes: attached a few "panic logs" i’ve had, with always...
  8. zefir

    HP ProBook 450 G3

    Hello RehabMan I GAVE UP!!! I installed 3 weeks ago 10.13.6 (based on your guides as i always do and never had any problems) : HP ProBook 450 G3 (SkyLake) with Dell DW1560 (chipset Broadcom BCM94352Z) CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz Everything Working - NO ANY problem But 3 days...
  9. samarthagarwal

    [Solved] Works only with cpus=1 | kdp_poll : no debugger device

    Hi, My Hackintosh with Sierra worked perfectly with the support from the forum and specially @P1LGRIM. However, I had multiple boot entries for the UEFI partition for the Hackintosh boot drive which were increasing with every boot. After reading somewhere, I decided to update the BIOS for my...
  10. kylum1

    Acer 4755g Sierra USB Installation

    I got the following error when trying to boot usb and install macOS Sierra. AppleACPIPlatformExpert:: start failed Debugger panic Specs: Laptop Acer 4755g Core i7-2670QM Intel HD 3000 + Nvidia GT540M (Optimus) The installer is created using Unibeast 7.1.1 Can anyone help me to resolve this...
  11. tirams

    [Solved] Panic error AppleIntelSKLFrameBuffer on boot new build

    I had my new build up and running a couple of days ago, my monitor was flickering somewhat then I followed the instructions to install graphics drivers and the install multibeast as was shown in a how-to video and link download from here when I rebooted I got an error about...
  12. sshanky

    Sierra install worked great UNTIL time machine restore. Now stops at "System uptime in nanoseconds:"

    I was so excited that I finally got this to work. Before I went to bed I started a time machine restore, entire user, and woke up to a frozen progress bar. Restarting with -v revealed it hangs at "System uptime in nanoseconds: 949132400". Do I have to start over?
  13. kid_idioteque

    Kernel Panic on every other Boot

    Hello all, I'm experiencing a really strange recurring scenario where my machine gets a KP on every other boot. If I don't boot verbose, the KP happens almost instantly when the Apple logo shows up. Booting verbose, I've seen a few different screens, but the attached image is very common...