panic at startup

  1. yunsik0115

    Lilu : Failed to Change Memory(0,2) Problem(Memory Panic) ON DELL LAPTOP

    Hi I'm the user who want to apply hackintosh via Clover to my laptop 7590 Inspiron CPU : I5-9300H GPU : UHD 630, GTX 1650(NO HOPE FOR THIS) RAM : 8GB * 2 SSD : SK HYNIX P31 (SSD 1) for Windows 10 // SK HYNIX BC511(SSD 0) for back-up drive BIOS : 1.6.0 (Downgraded from 1.9.0 due to Undervolting...
  2. HackintoshFanN99

    << Solved >> Help Needed Constant Restart After Login

    I made the Update 10.15.7. After the first reboot all went well but now after login it restarts after minutes constantly. Clover version used is 5122. I get this panic error. panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff7f867c4231): nvme: "Fatal error occurred. CSTS=0x1 US[1]=0x0 US[0]=0xa5 VID=0x144d DID=0xa808...
  3. jezzalencko9

    Constant reboot from Clover - "type 14=page fault", "can't perform kext scan"

    Hi, I have the following setup: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H i7 3770K Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 Windforce Running High Sierra (10.13.4) I've been successfully booting from Clover for many months but today a consistent kernel panic has started for no apparent reason. See attached. I've read a few...
  4. gremlink

    << Solved >> Freezing Minutes After Booting Up

    Hi Everyone, I've had this Hackintosh built for about 5 years and occasionally had it freeze on me if I immediately opened up any programs upon starting up. I had Flux installed and decided to try uninstalling and it seemed to help the issue. I also adapted to it by waiting a few minutes after...
  5. MenukaRathnayake

    Boot loop after panic

    Hey, I'm a noobie with Hackintosh... Today I was trying to boot into Hackintosh after a little while. and I got this. What should I do now guys? and what is the reason behind these system panics? I have attached a video and pictures. Thank you!
  6. Harry-ed

    System shutdown on boot with GPU power connected

    Hi, I'm working on my first build and trying to get everything working. Now I've run into something strange. The system won't start with power connected to the GPU but it will start fine without or with just one cable connected. I've followed the installation guide and installed macOS Mojave...
  7. stalin21r

    << Solved >> AppleALC reboot kernel panic

    I don't start my hackintosh sierra, i installed a sound drivers with multibeast on sierra, after one reboot, my hackintosh dont boot, it stays in a reboot cycle, and a message appears. HELP please!!!! I leave the message image
  8. Ferwax

    Unable to boot after Multibeast installation

    The title says it all. I follow all the steps exactly as I should. After the first boot from the drive the trackpad or any other USB device wasn't working. After some research I found what I had to install through Multibeast but I'm not sure what else I have to install that won't make my laptop...
  9. richardpsic

    Bizarre SSD drive failure

    Hello, I'm having a bit of a bizarre issue with my SSD. The Hackintosh suddenly restarted itself while I was using it, and it won't reboot, the boot bar indicator below the Apple logo just goes a quarter of the way and then it reboots again on an endless loop. So I removed the SSD and...
  10. hamoja

    Clover: Single User Mode failure

    Hello, my machine was upgraded to Mojave 14.1 and now it keeps crashing due to a conflict with a kext file that was I added to the library extension folder to help troubleshooting USB and bluetooth. From clover I set the boot flag to "-s" but unfortunately the laptop (Lenovo x250) keeps...
  11. zedoc

    Multiple "Panic Boots" Before a good one on Mojave

    Since direct upgrade to Mojave, i’m facing multiples "panic boots" (one or two) before a good one on my Z77x-UD5H system with clover. Same hardware and bios settings since high sierra, cleaned kext cache... I can’t isolate the problem.:rolleyes: attached a few "panic logs" i’ve had, with always...
  12. Seabeenelson

    Mojave panic at startup

    Hi, I have a Dell optiex 780 with a E8400 and Nvidia GT 710 2GB This combo works great with High Sierra, but once I install Mojave I can’t get it to load the OS. It just restarts after the Apple logo/progress bar. I tried to boot in verbose mode and don’t reboot on panic and I took a picture...
  13. zefir

    HP ProBook 450 G3

    Hello RehabMan I GAVE UP!!! I installed 3 weeks ago 10.13.6 (based on your guides as i always do and never had any problems) : HP ProBook 450 G3 (SkyLake) with Dell DW1560 (chipset Broadcom BCM94352Z) CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz Everything Working - NO ANY problem But 3 days...
  14. samarthagarwal

    [Solved] Works only with cpus=1 | kdp_poll : no debugger device

    Hi, My Hackintosh with Sierra worked perfectly with the support from the forum and specially @P1LGRIM. However, I had multiple boot entries for the UEFI partition for the Hackintosh boot drive which were increasing with every boot. After reading somewhere, I decided to update the BIOS for my...
  15. kylum1

    Acer 4755g Sierra USB Installation

    I got the following error when trying to boot usb and install macOS Sierra. AppleACPIPlatformExpert:: start failed Debugger panic Specs: Laptop Acer 4755g Core i7-2670QM Intel HD 3000 + Nvidia GT540M (Optimus) The installer is created using Unibeast 7.1.1 Can anyone help me to resolve this...
  16. tirams

    [Solved] Panic error AppleIntelSKLFrameBuffer on boot new build

    I had my new build up and running a couple of days ago, my monitor was flickering somewhat then I followed the instructions to install graphics drivers and the install multibeast as was shown in a how-to video and link download from here when I rebooted I got an error about...
  17. sshanky

    Sierra install worked great UNTIL time machine restore. Now stops at "System uptime in nanoseconds:"

    I was so excited that I finally got this to work. Before I went to bed I started a time machine restore, entire user, and woke up to a frozen progress bar. Restarting with -v revealed it hangs at "System uptime in nanoseconds: 949132400". Do I have to start over?
  18. kid_idioteque

    Kernel Panic on every other Boot

    Hello all, I'm experiencing a really strange recurring scenario where my machine gets a KP on every other boot. If I don't boot verbose, the KP happens almost instantly when the Apple logo shows up. Booting verbose, I've seen a few different screens, but the attached image is very common...