1. brekkiechamp

    Solved > Mojave Install SSD Missing in Disk Utility | 10.14.5 | P9x79 | i7 4820K

    I'm currently building my first hackintosh, using the createinstallmedia method I've managed to get the USB installer to boot to the macOS installer but the only drive listed is the boot USB. The verbose boot messages shows multiple timeouts with the message: busy timeout[0], (240s)...
  2. sachabest

    [SUCCESS] 10.12.6 | P9X79 DELUXE | i7-3930k w/ Turbo

    sachabest's Build: P9X79 DELUXE - i7-3930K - GTX 980 Components ASUS P9X79 Deluxe https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0064L8UJM/?tag=tonymacx86com-20 Intel i7-3930K Processor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00603QXPM/?tag=tonymacx86com-20 NVIDIA stock GTX 980 (can't find link, this was sent to me by...
  3. sachabest

    P9X79 Deluxe Audio on Sierra

    For anyone trying to get onboard audio to work on an Asus P9X79 Deluxe (or pro, ls, whatever), here's what you have to do: Prerequisites to understand: Your board has a Realtek ALC898 chipset You likely tried to install the MultiBeast provided enabler, and it failed. No output devices show up...
  4. BenBal

    Please check my PC config !

    Hello, First time on this forum, thanks for sharing all those stuffs ! I was wondering if i can try to install Sierra on my PC : Intel Core i7 3930K ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P9X79 32Go 4x8 GO Corsair PC3-12800J 800 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 I'm not sure about the series that...
  5. dtakn

    USB 3.0 Does not Work

    I just installed macOS Sierra and am trying to stabilize the system. Rite now, I need to get my USB 3.0 ports working. I have tried "Increase Max Port Limit" and "3rd Party USB 3.0" in the latest Multibeast release. Also, I have "FixUSB" checked in Clover Configurator. Can someone help me out...
  6. london2012

    ASUS P9X79 GTX980ti Freeze on Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport

    I don't have VGA plugin on my P9x79, how can i install 10.11? there is no VGA plug on P9X79 Board. :banghead:
  7. scharpentier0

    P9X79 trouble installing

    Hi, I've followed the exact step-by-step guide to install El Capitan on my P9X79 PC but I can't get the installer to start. I got to clover to boot with the USB with OS X. Then I get at the apple logo on black background screen. After a good while, the logo gets underlined by what I could call a...
  8. ihan

    Please help me to install on asus board :'(

    im try to install el capitan on asus board P9X79 PC and Asus laptop X550cc but in normaly install result is : and when i try to install in verbose mode , after some lines type AMF ILoadTrust and nothing :banghead: but i installed on my other pc (GIGABYTE H87-HD3) board easily (normal boot)...
  9. jvanbeeck

    R9 280x multiple display setup

    Hello, Since this afternoon my semi new build is up and running OSX 10.11. Mobo: Asus P9X79 GPU: 3D Club R9 280X Everything seems to work fine. Accept for one thing. I have a three display setup. The GC has 4 outputs. All 4 of them are working. But I can only get 2 outputs work...
  10. tiberiunedelea

    3930k @ 4.7Ghz on Asus P9X79 really slow

    I have a problem with my CPU it seems really bad for what it is 4.7Ghz 3930k watercooled in benchmarks Cine bench 43.95 FPS 807 cb Geek 14359 points Instaled with Clover EFI partition, Audio works allright (ALC892), SATA works good HWMonitor reports 32 multiplier set on all...
  11. project365x

    P9X79-WS BIOS 3401 with 64G RAM - Stuck/Locks at PCI Config

    Please help me, as I have already searched all here and elsewhere to find and a solution to fix this lockup at the PCI Config area. I have a P9x79-WS board with i7 3930k, BIOS 3401, and 64 Gigs of RAM installed. I tried using the PCIRootUID=1 or 0 and npci=0x2000 or 0x3000 and with no luck at...
  12. jgbsound

    P9X79 Pro Install of Mavericks (this was just an upgrade from Lion) seems to work except the RealTek

    Forgive me but I'm not clear on what to do. I had audio for a while under Lion, then it randomly disappeared. Cut to me updating to Mavericks and still I have no audio. I did find something that seemed pretty dense in regards to how to enable audio but, for the life of me, I'm unable to...
  13. rjc0

    iboot Ivy Bridge - Asus P9X79Pro - i7 4820k - Failure To Reach SL Utility - Shutdown

    Hi, first post, first hackintosh, total failure after following the SL + iboot Ivy Bridge tonymac guide to get an OS install to then upgrade for Ivy Bridge, after much forum searching still no go. Trying to install SL on a Asus P9X79Pro, i7 4820k, 32GB Crucial Tacticle 1.3v, MSI Overclocked...
  14. cassers

    Can't click on task bar (to click on utilities to partition) during installation (details inside):

    Hi all, Im having an odd problem which I can't find repeated at all on the net after searching. During installation I get to the "Install OS X" screen. From what I've understood I need to partition my sad during this stage using Disk Utilities. The problem here is the fact that I can't click on...
  15. L33T_G33K

    Overclocked @ 4.4 GHz and Ambient Temps @ 102 F

    I am somewhat new to OCing, but have a good understand of the basics. First off: I never had my system crash b/c of over heating issues. Second: This system has always run at 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit on the CPU. Even when it was @ 3.3 GHz. Third: I do have an H80 fan on it and 3 more in the...
  16. Alexanderstore

    Upgrade from gtx 670 to 2x GTX660

    Hi guys! Just got my Hackintosh up and runnin! Phew. These are the specs: Asus P9X79 (bios 3203) Asus GTX 670 Direct Cu II Intel 3930K 3,2 Ghz Kingston blu 4x8Gb 1600mhz ddr3 (black ones) Corsair Hx750 Psu Samsung 840 Pro 256gb ssd Seagate 4000gb sata drive. Corsair carbide 500R White I...
  17. Alexanderstore

    P9X79, I7-3930K, GTX670 and Samsung 840 256gb-ssd.

    P9X79, I7-3930K, GTX670 Grey apple logo - here´s what I´ve tried. So I´ve built a computer with the following parts: Asus P9X79 (bios 3203) Asus GTX 670 Direct Cu II Intel 3930K 3,2 Ghz Kingston blu 4x8Gb 1600mhz ddr3 (black ones) Corsair Hx750 Ps Samsung 840 Pro 256gb ssd Seagate 4000gb sata...
  18. donrastaman

    asus p9x79

    hi, I have assembled this pc: mb Asus P9X79 cpu intel i7 3820 4 gb ram kingston 1600 seagate 500gb 7200rpm hd vga sapphire hd 7750 lg dvd 24x I have the 10.6.3 cd and I would like to install it, how can I do? donrastaman
  19. Coke_si

    P9X79 Deluxe - Steps to install ML

    Hi everybody, I´m new on Hackintosh world and I'm trying to install ML 10.8.2 on my hackintosh with that configuration: i7 3930k P9X79 Deluxe (bios 2104) NVIDIA GTX 670 2GB I able to install ML with at boot: -v cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1 npci=x3000 Then, it´s Multibeast time, but...
  20. freelense

    DSDT for ASUS P9X79 PRO

    is someone have a DSDT for P9X79 PROif some have 'll be enjoy to get is send me by wetransfer THANKS