p9x79 deluxe

  1. Loreb

    p9x79 deluxe - i7 3820 don't start installation

    Hi, Sorry for my bad English, I'm Italian. I try to install High Sierra on my PC, I create a USB whit Unibeast 8.1. I reset the UEFI, and disable VT-d and sta is in AHCI. Disable fastboot, and select other OS. I try to start the installation. The PC load the apple logo whit the loading bar, and...
  2. Atheim

    booting issues with P9X79 deluxe and 3930k

    PLEASE HELP !! unable to pass the apple grey screen Hello I just finished my build : P9X79 deluxe i7 3930k Gygabite GTX 660 OC 8 GB ram 256 ssd 2tb hdd So I bought osx on my mother's mac pro, created a usb with osx on it but im not able to get osx started. When I start my pc, i get the...