1. CommanderKali

    Audio Not Working on P8B75-M/CSM Asus Motherboard

    I have Asus P8B75-M/CSM Motherboard with VIA VT1708S Audio. I was wondering what i need to download and install to use the audio? I am using El Capitan.
  2. DaddyM

    Installation problem: Mountain Lion 10.8 on Asus B75 Board

    Dear colleagues! I am trying to install Mountain Lion on ASUS P8B75-M LX with CPU: i3 2105 and Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000. UEFI, SATA mode: AHCI 1 SATA HDD 160 GB plugged into 3GB SATA switch 1 (numbering starts from 1 on this board). Mountain Lion retail + Unibeast method...