1. syntax1993

    Marvell 88E8056 breaks boot on 10.13

    I wouldn't post here if I didn't try fixing the issue myself but yet here I am. I've been trying to get macOS High Sierra working on my P6X58D-E board with the Marvell 88E8056 NIC. There are numerous kexts for this one, some with only plist modifications, some with all of the child kexts...
  2. psionicsin

    Mavericks on ASUS P6X58D-E + i7-950 + GTX 285

    Hey guys! Updated, and of course, having problems. Let's get the knowns out of the way first: Motherboard is ASUS P6X58D-E CPU i7-950 GPU GTX 285 24GB RAM Was on 10.8.5 flawlessly I installed via the guide currently on the homepage of this site. Downloaded Mavericks Made bootable USB via...
  3. cats2play

    Help with update 10.8.3 ML on P6X58D-E

    Hi Guys, I need your help. I've had my system up and running with Mountain lion 10.1 but now I'm trying to get it up and running with 10.8.3. Even after a case of beer, it still won't work I ran in -v PCIRootUID=0 to see what was hanging. These are the last 3 lines before the drive dark...
  4. mm.sarap

    Success: P6x58D-E Mountain Lion, no network

    I have successfully upgraded from SNOW LEOPARD to LION to MOUNTAIN LION. The systems is stable. Unfortunately, network is not working. The "sudo ipconfig set en0 DHCP" that works in both snow leopard and lion does not work in mountain lion. When I enter this command in mountain lion, the system...
  5. cats2play

    Ethernet issue 10.7.3 P6X58D-E Can't sign in app store

    Gentlemen, Thanks to all your hard work, I've been able to build a working 10.7.3 system. My only issue is the app store. I can't login due to and "unknown error." After looking around the forums, there seems to be an issue regarding the ethernet setting. I have seen about 10 different solutions...