1. micr0shaft

    Trouble with DSDT edits for 2x 470 GTX Cards on MSI P55-GD85 Please Help

    Hi this is my first post so I would quickly like to say a BIG thanks to tonymacx86 for this website and the tools n' tuts you and your users have provided. I recently installed ML on my P55-GD85 system and have tried following a few different guides on how to get mountain lion to recognise my...
  2. percipient

    MSI P55 GD65 -- infinite pinwheel problem

    hey guys, i followed one of the msi P55 GD65 threads and configured the bios/system internals just the way they did. i'm running a core i5 750, OCZ vertex 2 90gb HDD, and an ATI Sapphire 5770 gfx. using the latest version of iboot at the moment and i'll put the retail SL dvd, use that, and...