1. Carbongrip

    Using Apple Proprietary SSD Blades in a Hackintosh

    Hello everyone, I have recently been looking into using Apple SSD's in a hackintosh build for native support and trim. I have found these options to convert the proprietary connector to pcie. Option #1: OWC PCIe SSD Expansion Card Mfr P/N: PCIEA13SSDOWC SKU: OWCPCIEA13SSD Works with SSD's...
  2. Jeffinslaw

    OWC Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD with Windows 7

    Has anyone used this PCIe SSD before? I just purchased one and I have NOT been able to get Windows to install to it. I spent an hour and a half today with OWC tech support and we verified that it is working but I cannot get Windows installed to it. This is the error message I receive...
  3. futurus

    OWC Mercury Rack Pro Issues

    Hey all. I've recently purchased a Mercury Rack Pro from OWC and have it connected to my Hackintosh via SATA. It's a 4 bay 5.25" hard drive enclosure, but OSX is only recognizing the first bay's hard drive. Anyone familiar with how to get all 4 bays recognized? Thanks for the help.