os x yosemite

  1. Simone2345

    prohibition screen in the installation of os x Yosemite

    when I go to start the installation of os x Yosemite from usb stick (boot uefi) appears the sign of the prohibition, how can I solve? thank you
  2. brandon0622

    OS X Yosemite stuck ApplePS2Controller: newCommandByte=47

    Hi, I need help, when I try to install OS X Yosemite on my laptop with Unibeast 5.2.0, it gets stuck in "ApplePS2Controller: newCommandByte = 47", I only use the boot flag nv_disable = 1, I'm really noob and I do not know what causes the problem, If someone helps me, these are the...
  3. abdel-Rhman

    os x Yosemite installation problem

    hi guys I'm new to all this and I'm kind of confused, i want to install os x Yosemite on my pc "note: my pc is running windows 10 already", i used unibeast to put os x Yosemite in the usb and everything was fine "successfully", now the problem in the installation part, every time i press enter...
  4. BLackAndWhite1M

    Running OS X Yosmite with Hp Probook 4540s with windows 8.1 in it

    :ugeek:Hi, am alittle confused about how to run OS X Yosemite and windows 8.1 on the same drive, and my laptop os a Hp probook 4540s ,6GB RAM, 2.6 ghz, 750GB, Switchable Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7650M and Intel HD 4000 :?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?::?:
  5. aleeusman

    Trying to Install Yosemite on HP Pavilion DV6-3225dx but couldn't make to installation.

    I've been trying to make it to Installation but it is giving error like in the picture below. I'm using bootflags "-v -x cpus=1 PCIRootUID=1 USBBusFix=Yes dart=0" And I'm stuck to this error :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead: I've made USB Installer using Unibeast and it's my...
  6. ahyatt645

    Unable to use Disk Utility's Repair Permissions feature to fix OS X asking for iCloud password twice

    Because of how I have my HD and SSD set up, I am unable to use Disk Utility's Repair Permissions feature. I have my SSD mounted at / and my HD mounted at /Users/. This is so all my user data is on the HD, and the OS and apps are on my small SSD. This has worked flawlessly since I have set it...
  7. owen3150

    [Success] Asus P8Z68-M pro 2600k 8gb GTX 770

    Specs: CPU: 2600k i7 - Do not overclock for install. Mobo: Asus p8z68-m Pro GFX: GTX 770 MSI 2gb Twin Frozer Ram: Kingston HyperX 2133 (Set to 1600 for install) SSD: Patriot Pyro 60gb Pro tip: Disk utility using USB 3.0 flash drives on a hackintosh does not seem to work when trying to...
  8. BashCake

    Windows 8.1 UEFI already installed, want to install OS X Yosemite! How?

    I understand that I need to use clover... I like clover and I have got this comp running with clover in the past. But with the cost of no internet or sound and when I went to clover boot loader and when I choose Windows I get a black screen with a blinking _ for however long I keep my computer...
  9. UnDeaDAmP

    (Help) HDMI Audio on GA-Z97M-DS3H

    Okay, so i'm rocking this setup: -Gigabyte-Z97M-DS3H - Intel Core i3 4360 - Intel HD4600 Integrated Graphics - ThermalTake 550w PSU - Kingston 120GB SSD - Ultra Defender II Case - Regular Fairly low end Dell Speakers for Audio - Vizio 24" Smart HD TV for a monitor in computer mode Is it...
  10. kumarc612

    Can I develop iOS 8 apps on a hackintosh completely?

    Hi friends, I am an iOS app and game developer. I use cocos2d-x, Unity 3D with Xcode at work. At home I am allowed to work at home in my personal system because the office MBPs are damn slow. But I don't have a Mac. But the cost of Macs as you know, is too pricey. Just for a low end MBP...
  11. Domainus

    [Success Z97X-UD3H, i5 4590, 8gb RAM, GT 730] VGA Output working as well!!

    Hi all, this is just a guide to what I like to call a “GigaMac” as almost all of the hardware in this build that goes towards OS X compatibility is made by Gigabyte. Hardware: PSU: Corsair RM750 Modular PSU Mainboard: Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H (Running BIOS version F4) Processor: Intel Core i5 4590...
  12. A.K.R

    Installing Os X Yosemite on Asus TP550LD along with Windows 8.1

    Hey Guys, I accept i'm a F***ing noob to disturb u guys with a repeating post; but i can't find any help in Tonymacx86.com on how to install OS X along with Windows 8.1 on Asus TP550LD. Please guys can anyone explain me step by step how to dual boot OS X with Windows 8.1. Thanks.
  13. beelzebozo

    Beelzebozo's OS X Yosemite Video Guide- i7-4770K - GA Z97X-UD5H - 16GB RAM - Intel HD Graphics 4600

    http://youtu.be/sQAUcwwL2w4 OS X Yosemite 10.10 video installation guide based on the UniBeast: Install OS X Yosemite on Any Supported Intel-based PC guide by tonymacx86. You can find my CustoMac build here...
  14. Valemkv

    I need help for dual boot! (:

    Hei (: I have Asus P8H67 with : I5 2500k HD4870 4GB Ram And HDD640GB I have 2 error : When I try to boot in os x I get error Can't find match_kernel , and i cant boot in my Windows , I can't fix boot This is my partitions : HDD640GB Formatted in GPT 1)Windows 2)Os x 3)Free Space...
  15. acella047

    Please help, New hackintosh builder

    Hi all, I am using an hp laptop to build a hackintosh with Yosemite for the purpose of using logic for my music producing needs. The laptop is a g60 549dx notebook. It uses an Intel dual core pentium processor t4300. Will this processor be compatible? I really don't know much about computer, and...
  16. Apple2403

    Yosemite and 290X

    Hello, I installed OS X Yosemite successfully on my PC with Radeon R9 290X. However, I have a problem: After the Apple logo, the screen flickers very strong, and sometimes the image is completely gone. If I pull the DVI cable and plug in again, or if the PC goes to sleep (and wakes up...