1. emiellr

    Sierra on Optiplex 760 E8400 gt730

    Hi all! I'm going to get started on my optiplex again because of some stupid mistake I made last time it broke everything, so I have to get to work again. As I'm installing again, I might as well install the newest (Sierra) to keep it updated for a while. Has anyone got this pc on the road...
  2. Bradley04268

    Enable HD5450 on Optiplex 780 macOS 10.12.6

    Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to setup a Optiplex 780 with the follow specs on macOS 10.12.6: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz 8GB DDR3 512MB DELL ATI Radeon HD 5450 80GB HDD 1920x1080 Dell E2214H (Currently cant change resolution. Stuck 1280x1024 and animations are really laggy.) macOS...
  3. abdullahmemon721

    Optiplex 780 will work for El Capitan?

    Hello there. I've this pc from very long time, wondering if it work for el capitan. Will I have to do any upgrade or changes?
  4. FiloAle025

    Is it possible to install macOS on a Dell Optiplex 780?

    Hi everyone, I was looking for an Optiplex 780 on the internet. I found an Optiplex 780 SFF with Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16GHz, 4GB of RAM, a 255W PSU and a 160GB HDD. Do you think that an Optiplex 780 with a Palit Geforce GT610 will work with OS X Yosemite / El Capitan?
  5. gaydar120

    another USB 3.0 thread

    Hello, all, and thank you for all the hard work put forth by the community. So, I've been lucky enough to find a deal on a used Dell Optiplex 7010 and have had an overall easy time of gettin' this thing running OS Sierra. One final detail, however, has escaped my ability to fix-- the USB 3.0...
  6. OSX-User1024

    OS X El Capitan on Optiplex 745 running Yosemite

    Hey everyone, Currently I am running OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite (with Chimera) on my Optiplex 745 and everything is working fine. When I try to upgrade the machine to El Capitan, I created an USB with UniBeast 6.2.0 (Clover). But I get the unable to find driver for this platform acpi error. I tried...
  7. israelmuca

    [Solved] Dell Optiplex 7040 SFF, can't reach installer

    Hi!! This is not my first hackintosh, and just recently I upgraded a Lenovo M700 Tiny to Sierra, installed Sierra on a HP EliteDesk 800 G2, but I just can't get to the installer on this Dell Optiplex 7040 SFF. All of them had an i5-6500 and Intel HD graphics. Anyhow, this BIOS doesn't have...
  8. charlietuo

    A few questions about my 10.12 Dell Optiplex 780 Hackintosh

    Hi all, I have a Dell Optiplex 780 Desktop that I turned into a Hackintosh. Everything is okay so far, other then a few things; I cannot buy a Wifi adapter at this point in time because my router is far away from my Hackintosh and long range adapters are very expensive, far more then I want to...
  9. MrBeagles

    Dell Optipex Usb 3.0 El Capitan

    Has anyone got usb 3.0 working on any Optiplex 3.0 motherboards ex 9010,20 7010,20 ect. I've tried everything I could find. As soon as I enable the ports in bios and boot to clover select my boot drive. The apple bootloader hangs before any progress starts. Any help from any of you experts...
  10. greenflash

    Advice on method to install Yosemite on Optiplex 790sff

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie trying to install Mac OSx on an Optiplex 790sff. I've tried several ways to do it without success. So I wanted to start from scratch with Yosemite, since I have the Apple installer available. From what I've read it seems the main issues are audio (not so important) and...
  11. Raven2142

    macOS Sierra USB won't boot

    Dell Optiplex 780 Series Set BIOS settings and USB creation to the letter as per the installation guide. BIOS is updated to latest version as per Dell website. What happens is when I go to select the USB device boot option in boot menu, it will just return an error that no boot device could be...
  12. cstout

    AMD Radeon HD 7470 (Dell OptiPlex 7010)

    My hardware is: Dell OptiPlex 7010 Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 8GB RAM - 2x4GB PC3-12800U 500GB HDD - HGST HTS725050A7E630 AMD Radeon HD 7470 (1GB) I've successfully installed macOS Sierra 10.12.1 via UniBeast (legacy boot, UEFI does not work on this model). My next hurdle is getting this...
  13. Chipjp

    (SOLVED) Optiplex 7010 i5 3470 w/GTX 670 El Capitan USB Randomness

    I have installed El Capitan 10.11.5 on the following machine: Dell Optiplex 7010 MT transplanted into a Corsair GT(?)500 case i5 3470 Nvidia GTX 670 and it works flawlessly! I mean, I just followed the regular tutorial and bang, it's awesome...... but I can only use my USB ports maybe 1 in 10...
  14. NewbHackintosh

    How I installed a PNY Geforce GT710 in El Capitan

    Okay, this is a not an elegant solution, but it worked and I know have accelerated graphics on my Dell Optiplex 960, 10.11.4, with a PNY GT710 - Take the...
  15. bakaaho

    keyboard and mouse don't work correctly for install process

    Hi! I'm trying to install yosemite 10.10.1 on Dell optiplex 755(Core2Duo) with boot option "cpus=1" for avoiding hanging. For install process, Keyboard and mouse don't work correctly. ex. [enter] or [return] don't work. [space] work as [enter] or [return] mouse move L to R, but don't...
  16. rseibel

    MacOS 10.11.1 El Capitan on Dell Optiplex 3010 (SFF) (remaining problems)

    MacOS 10.11.1 El Capitan on Dell Optiplex 3010 (SFF) (fixed most problems) Hi, I have successfully installed El Capitan on a Dell Optiplex 3010 with the following hardware using this guide: UniBeast: Install OS X El Capitan on Any Supported Intel-based PC Unibeast Configuration (very basic)...
  17. iappleguy2

    Dell Optiplex 755 Kernel Panic

    Hello. To start off, here are my specs: Main System Type: Dell Optiplex 755 -Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 -8gb RAM -1TB WD Blue -2TB WD Black (500gb parted for Mac) -NVidia GeForce GTX 650 Notes: -Hard drives are set to AHCI. -VTx is disabled. Enabling it causes reboot loops. -Everything else in the...
  18. andreasbund

    Is my computer hackintoshable? Pls help!

    Hey guys! I have a Dell Optiplex 390 (small form factor). The specs are as follows: CPU - Intel Core i3-2120 3,3 GHz I have the opportunity to pick from these two graphics cards: AMD Radeon HD 6450 or MSI GeForce GT 720, which one should i take? Motherboard is Intel H61 Express. Is these...
  19. Ducktaper42

    First Build Optiplex 755

    I am completely new to Hackintosh. I have done very minimal PC hardware upgrades. I got my hands on the Optiplex 755 and saw they were pretty simple to convert. I have a Mac and the disc but wanted to see if anyone had some specific parts they used or have seen in other threads? Any advice...
  20. CeleronPopsicle

    [Help] Dell Optiplex 755 - SATA not recognized

    I created a 10.10 installer with the Legacy USB option and I can successfully boot to the installer with boot flags -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes. My hard drive is not recognized in disk utility and the system report says there are no SATA devices. I partitioned it as GUID and formatted HFS+ on...