optiplex 780

  1. RoelsWorld

    Need advice: firewire card for Optiplex 780

    Hello all ... I need advice. I have a Dell Optiplex 780 and Mavericks running on it already. I am a musician / composer / sound engineer and generally work with Avid Pro Tools HD 10. The Optiplex 780 doesn't have onboard firewire, but I need firewire to hook-up the Digi (Avid) mixer pannel to...
  2. zx6beo

    I can't see the installation drive for Mojave

    So, I downloaded Mojave beta from the Mac app store, I reboteed but I can't see the "boot install macOS from Macintosh HD" drive (it's an HDD). I can only see the "boot windows" drive.
  3. Atzeehh98

    Dell Optiplex 780 USFF

    Hello everyone, i recently got my hands on a dell optiplex 780 USFF, and im planning to make it a hackintosh. I know there are some posts already on the internet about this machine but not the usff version. besides the intel core 2 duo 3,0 ghz, ddr3 4gb, 250gb HDD. it has no option for a...
  4. 8BitHusky

    QE/CI problem on 710

    Hello, am running sierra on a optiplex 780 with a pny gt 710. I followed a step by step guide here. My machine boots fine and actually shows that the pny 710 is recognized I have attached a link with proof. My issue is when I am doing anything that relates to video it artifacts and slows alot...
  5. FiloAle025

    Is it possible to install macOS on a Dell Optiplex 780?

    Hi everyone, I was looking for an Optiplex 780 on the internet. I found an Optiplex 780 SFF with Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16GHz, 4GB of RAM, a 255W PSU and a 160GB HDD. Do you think that an Optiplex 780 with a Palit Geforce GT610 will work with OS X Yosemite / El Capitan?
  6. charlietuo

    A few questions about my 10.12 Dell Optiplex 780 Hackintosh

    Hi all, I have a Dell Optiplex 780 Desktop that I turned into a Hackintosh. Everything is okay so far, other then a few things; I cannot buy a Wifi adapter at this point in time because my router is far away from my Hackintosh and long range adapters are very expensive, far more then I want to...
  7. signupscum

    unable to initialize PAM - No FTP server on El Capitan on Dell Optiplex 780

    Hey everyone, Firslty cheers to everyone who contributes here, I very nearly have an awesomely cheap El Capitan file server set up in my home. Major problem is, it seems Apple took out FTP in System Prefs, no probs it seems, many sites report you just need to open up Terminal and run "sudo -s...
  8. hacktheOS

    Still waiting for root device dell optiplex 780

    Hey guys, I am trying to install Mac OSX Snow Leopard on my dell optiplex 780 but I can't get to the installer... iBoot keeps saying:still waiting for root device. I have already tried changing the sata port the CD/DVD-ROM is connected to but with no results :( Can anyone help me please?
  9. jbg1194

    Boot1: error on Optiplex 780

    I followed this guide and after creating the USB and changing the BIOS settings, I boot from the USB and get this error. I tried googleing the problem, but all the issues seem to be happening after...