1. alikap

    Asus U36SD Cant Wake after Sleep, Cant Shutdown.

    I have U36SD with i5-2410M with VGA UHD3000 and Optimus Nvidia GT520. Installed with Enoch Chameleon. The problem is can't shutdown and can't wake from sleep. NullCPU kext is already removed. Native speedstep via ssdt.aml creator by piker alpha. Note : ACPIDebug.kext installed. RMDT Installed...
  2. np1433

    [HELP] Trying to get HDMI working...

    Hey, I'm trying to get HDMI working on my laptop running 10.13.3 HDMI is connect to the NVIDIA 970m, I'm trying to enable it but no Luck! so far.
  3. slidspitfire

    Optimus and GPGPU

    Dear Communauts, I want to have this community feedback on a pair of questions. I am perfectly aware of the incompatibility between Mac OS X and the optimus technology a lot of recent laptops are (unfortunately) packing. My questions come driven by: My work needs (CUDA+OpenCL on the go)...
  4. istwan100

    High Sierra on Alienware R13 r2

    Hello, I have tried to install High Sierra on a Alienware 13 r2 Laptop. The installation fails at starting the Window Manager, I think it's because the Laptop has Optimus to switch between the Graphic Cards. In the Bios is no option to disable discrete Graphics, so i tried to patch the DSDT but...
  5. becorap

    Laptop (optimus) HDMI Video is not working

    Hi all, My laptop is HP Pavilion 15-bc207-nl My nvidia card does not work since it has optimus technology. But my problem is HDMI is not working neither. Is that possible to get it working for my external monitor? Please help me.
  6. Espionage724

    Intel iGPU with NVIDIA dGPU and HDMI port on dGPU?

    I have a laptop with Intel HD Graphics 630 for the iGPU and a NVIDIA GTX 1060 for the dGPU. My laptop's screen is wired to the iGPU, and my HDMI port is wired to my dGPU. My HDMI port allows for GSync if I had a monitor for it. I've gotten High Sierra running on this laptop and had graphics...
  7. inecrafter

    [SOLVED]Clevo N850HK1 ACPI patches (see #14)

    I want to install Sierra on my laptop (Clevo N850HK1), and I've got the system and the built in HID working so far. My next step was going to be turning off the dGPU, but I ran into a problem I can't solve. The guide for doing so, as seen here, tells me to patch my DSDT/SSDT, and refers to the...
  8. LuisYu5f

    Black Screen on Intel HD 620/Geforce 940MX HDMI Works

    Hello. I have been having problems getting Sierra to work on my HP Spectre x360 Laptop (Kaby Lake), it installs fine the display works but without graphics acceleration and after i install the "Intel HD 6**" option from multibeast the display stops working but now i have graphics acceleration...
  9. kailaikai

    Dual-Boot, access another desktop

    Hello everyone, With some effort, and the excellent drivers provided by the community, I was able to get my macOS Sierra Hackintosh fully running (with the exception of my dedicated card), with Windows in dual-boot with Clover UEFI, on my laptop. Would it be possible to access my Windows...
  10. cicciomarrelli

    Intel i5-4210U with HD4400 blinking white stripes

    Hi, i'm a newbie with Hackintosh, and after lots of problems (Wifi, Audio...) i've succesfully installed Mac OS Sierra on my Acer Aspire E15 (E5-571g-5582). I just can't solve problems about Graphic card. My laptop cames with Optimus by Nvidia with a GeForce 820M an Intel HD4400 (I suppose)...
  11. clamibot

    Need Assistance For Backlight Adjustment (Laptop) Includes solution to enable NVIDIA GFX only

    So as the title suggests, I need a little advice on how to get full backlight on my Hackintosh laptop on Mavericks 10.9.5. I have searched far and wide across google searching for a solution that will allow me full control of my laptop's backlight, but my efforts have so far yielded no results...
  12. Engyl

    MSI CX61 2OD816XRU

    Hello! I'm not totaly noob in this, not-so-easy job, i've already spend over 9000 hours at notebook and reading tonymacx86, applelife, insanelyi forums. First time i've installed El Capitain and i don't know how i did it, so i just run OS X, looked at glitchez and installed win7 instead. This...
  13. lollypoes

    intel HD and 940M

    Hey everyone! I have heard that due to nvidia optimus using both my GPU's in not possible, but sometimes I find conflicting facts. So I have found the following post: https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/37lr5a/dual_graphics_card_guide/ This is essentially saying you can select a program...
  14. kosakgroove

    Need help disabling NVIDIA Optimus!!

    Hello users of this amazing forum! I am a long time reader and I've always admired the talent of the moderators here, we've come a long way... I've successfully set up a dual boot between windows 8.1 and OS X 10.10.4, using Clover. I've an ASUS X550LDV with the following specs: Intel core...
  15. osxwalter

    Error 6105 when compiling DSDT for Nvidia Optimus Fix

    Hello, i want do disable my discrete Nvidia Optimus Graphics Card in my Laptop by using a DSDT Fix. I've read these guides: http://www.tonymacx86.com/yosemite-laptop-support/152573-guide-patching-laptop-dsdt-ssdts.html...
  16. kenia1234

    Mobile Kepler GT 650M working on OSX!! (No Optimus) Need help!!

    Hi! I have an ASUS laptop (N56VZ) with OSX 10.9.3 Mavericks installed and working very very well! I absolutely know that nVidia Optimus switching system between integrated and discrete graphic is not going to work on OSX and I'm not here to ask help for that! I found a way to fully unlock my...
  17. hackatos

    Please help to fix restart after turned off nvidia optimus from dsdt.

    Asus K43SD - DSDT Patch breaks restart. Hello all, I got many fixes in my dsdt, I cannot remember which ones did.:o So far everything is working good (acceptable). The latest fix that I applied to the DSDT was to turn off the nvidia optimus. After the fix I cannot restart anymore, shutdown and...
  18. Pxndxm3nth3

    New iMac 21´s GT640 to bring Optimus Solution?

    I´ve just read that the new iMac of 21" has a Nvidia GT640M, reading GPU´s specs at NVIDIA, i´ve found that the GPU has Optimus. I know that many cards doesn´t work because of that (Mine 630M). So, my question is.. Those cards are going to work now? I hope yes :D
  19. Petrus Yap

    Asus A43SD i3-2350M 2.4GHz Optimus GeForce 610M, Intel HD3000

    May I know if my system compatible with Hackintosh? Asus A43SD Core i3-2350M 2.4GHz Graphic Optimus nVidia 610M + Intel HD3000 Bluetooth Atheros Wifi Atheros 4GB DDR3 Thank you