1. GordonFreeman1

    MiniPC intel i5 /i7 hackintosh compatible

    Hi everyone, I recently joined in this fantastic forum, I have two mini pc desktop and I wanted to try to install a version of osx: 1) Zotac zbox En760 with: -CPU i5 4200U -Nvidia GTX 860m + Intel HD 4400 -8 GB of RAM 2) Shuttle XH97V with : CPU-i7 4790T -Intel HD 4600 -16 GB of RAM wifi USB...
  2. skm1134

    i7-4790K 4GHz Motherboard Recommendation

    Hi All, I have the components below but I am in need of a compatible motherboard. It seems like there aren't a ton of readily available options to go with the i7-4790K. Im looking to go ATX and price < $150. A couple I have seen available: Asus - Z97-AR ATX LGA1150 Asus - Z87-K ATX LGA1150...
  3. jafd

    Does a Lenovo W510 make a good Hackintosh, after all?

    In a private message, a user named sneitzel, asked me how I got OS X 100% running on a Thinkpad W510. It turned out I could not answer in a private message, as I don't have enough posts here, so I will respond here, intending to address more general audience. The shortest answer is no. It's...
  4. predator_7

    (help) Buying a new pc give me your opinion plz

    Hi guys i need some help to buy my new computer, im a noob in hackintosh and of course im reading a lot of information in this great forum! but i have a problem because i dont found exacly the mother boards that tony recommends, so i need your opinion about this setup: Processor: Core i5...