open gl

  1. zakperic

    Open GL problem with After Effects CC2018 (running 10.13.4)

    HI all, I was wondering if some hasa fix for the Ongoing Open GL probelm I am having with my Hackintosh using After Effects. Currently I am running High SIerra 10.13.4, 32 GB Ram, i7 8700, and two Palit 1080 Ti graphics Cards. Since I installed update for CC 2019 I am having this problem which...
  2. zakperic

    Open GL problem with After Effects CC2018 (running 10.13.6)

    Hi all, I started to experience a problem with After Effects CC2018 after upgrading to CC2018. Basically, It crashes on the creation of new composition saying Open GL error. I haven't a clue how to fix this, can someone please help. I have OSX 10.13.6 installed, my computer has Nvidia 1080...
  3. overklock

    Open GL Performance cuts in HALF if I Run a Video - High Sierra

    Hey folks, something really frustrating going on. Just finished my vanilla hackintosh (my very first hackintosh ever), RX 480 with an MSI z170a xpower mobo, everything works flawlessly except for the fact that anytime I run a video (say through VLC) at the same time I'm running a program using...
  4. applehacker760

    Enable CUDA NVIDIA 970 Adobe Premiere / AE

    Can you help me? I ave a NVIDIA GTX 970 4GB for my hackintosh build. I use Adobe CC but for both Premiere and AE I have only the option to use Open GL not CUDA... Shaking my head I can't believe the 970 isn't supported... Am I mistaken? in my system preferences it says "CUDA" "NVIDIA Driver...
  5. BudCrow

    GTX 760 Slow Performance

    I bought a new EVGA GTX 760 and it 'worked' out of the box (GraphicsEnabler=NO) I'm running an 920 i7 on a gigabyte x58 ud5 with 8GB ram. I have glitchy performance in Safari. My LuxMark score is 531and my Cinebench score is 33fps - which is quite weak. I'm in a situation where I need to...
  6. ksood

    660 ti low bench marks

    i got an msi twin frozr 2gb 660 ti, in cinebench open gl it gets about 40fps, anybody know why this is?