old laptop

  1. Maddux0914

    Is my old laptop compatible?(Hp pavilion dm3 1001-TU)

    This is my first post. I want to know if my old laptop can work on MacOS,I can’t find any hackintosh informations about this laptop,I hope someone can let me know whether it is possible or not. Thanks! HP Pavilion dm3 1001-TU CPU:Intel SU-2300 Graphics: Intel GMA 4500M
  2. ISmokeAir

    Macos on old laptop

    Because I have a ton of time I want to TRY to install MacOS Catalina on my old laptop (acer 6930 eith a 480gb ssd and a t9800+4gb of ram). I tried to use the terminal to put macos on my usb and then use clover bootloader to make the usb bootable but when i plug it in the laptop just hase a...
  3. SD456

    Help needed. Making a Hackintosh from an old laptop.

    Hello everyone! I want to install OS X on my old HP 620 (Delphi D40). I know that it isn't a powerful laptop, but I just want to try how can it run OS X just for fun. I have two working Hackintosh desktops, both are installed with Clover, but I have never installed OS X on a laptop before...