old hardware

  1. SpaceDandy

    Asrock G31MS

    Hello, I have been trying to install El Capitan on my old Hackingtosh, I can get after installation, but nothing works, I dont have internet because it doestn recognize the ethernet port, no video card driver working Nvidia GT 520, could any one help me?
  2. burnindaylight

    High Sierra works great on old Dell T5400, 2xXeon x5460's & XFX GTX 280!

    I was wondering about whether I could make this fly at all (especially because of the old CPUs and chipset - 2 4 core 3.16ghz CPU's and a lot of cache or not there's a lot of features they just do not have!) and I did a lot of searching here and on other sites.. came up with a bunch of people...
  3. sakibsadmanshajib

    Is it compatible?

    I've thinking of making a hackintosh with my old PC. Before you say anything, I've used some distros of linux, and I just want to experience the Apple Eco-system (I don't want to buy one of their product, I'm not that committed) System Configuration: CPU: Intel Pentium E5700 Motherboard: JW...
  4. Defcab

    Sierra Working Asus P5QL

    Little Bit of Dated hardware but so far I can't complain. Going from a MacBook Pro 2008 to this has been needed. Don't have much money to spend on a new mac and I spent About 200 for this. Here are my specs. Asus P5QL Motherboard EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 8 Gb Corsair DDR2 Ram USB D-Link...
  5. retoxdafreak

    Latest Sierra install on Gigabyte EP35-DS4 - no luck

    Hi guys, I need to install Sierra on an old EP35-DS4 mainboard. OS X 10.85 is already running fine. I'm using an Nvidia 8800 GTS, 8 gigabytes of ram and an SSD as HD. I started with the default 14,1 model and then changed SMBIOS to a 10,2 dual core model in clover. - I'm using Unibeast 7.01...
  6. Holopoly

    Old AMD PC Compatibility

    Hello, I really want to make a hackintosh of my old grandma's system. Specs: AMD Semphron 3400+ 1,8 Ghz 1 GB DDR2 ram Nvidia Geforce Nforce 405 160 GB HDD If you have suggestions what i should upgrade to make this work. I would like to hear! I live in holland so you know with the shipping...
  7. jousef

    new here!

    HI all, I have this old Desktop that no one use, its just setting there collecting dust, so i thought i could start a small project of installing a macOS on it. I want to ask if the parts in it works. (spoiler: very old parts) parts: intel FW82801BA motherboard. intel pentium 4 sl57v 1.7GHZ GF2...
  8. EverythingIsRed

    [solved] Enabling Transparency for 'Older Mac'

    macOS Sierra on my laptop doesn't have the translucent dock or notification center like other devices. It's probably because of the older hardware. Is there any way I can enable translucency? (1: current dock, 2: expected dock)
  9. sylekimmonds

    Snow Leopard on Intel Celeron 440

    Hi everyone, I'm a beginner to all things Hackintosh and computer building in general. I recently purchased a cheap motherboard to use as a homemade NAS running Snow Leopard. Here's the link to the model: http://www.ibase-i.com.tw/mb899.htm It's an Intel 945GME Chipset with an Intel Celeron...
  10. ollyboly

    Other ways to get Legit Mountain Lion (iMac too old to download from App Store)

    Hi all, First post and newbie here :) Built my first custom build which i plan to have as a hackintosh running Linux in a VM. I currently have an old iMac G5 from late 2006 i think and i'm trying to get Mountain Lion so i can create the bootable USB etc etc HOWEVER my mac is so old that i get...
  11. Yannich

    Yannich's First G5 (LGA 775 Oldtimer)

    Hey :) Here are some pictures of my first G5 Hackintosh. I did not buy any kit and made the tray out of an old pc case. It was my first try to build something like that, but definitly not the last :lol: It runs Mountain Lion very flawlessly :geek: I used my old hardware for that project...