1. slushypup

    Multimedia Triple boot Workstation - Adobe, Cinema 4D, Cubase

    Hey all, long time lurker. Am looking into building a triple boot(Win/OsX/Linux) machine. It will be mostly used for 3D graphics/CGI(Cinema 4D and rendering with Octane(PC), Redshift and Arnold. I may also look into other renderers so it should be compatible with both CPU/GPU platforms. I don't...
  2. cbutters

    [Solved] NVIDIA Multiple GPU Graphical Errors

    Hello! I use a MSI Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt motherboard and have a i5-3570K @ 4.2 Ghz processor. The two graphics cards I'm using are the GTX 1080 Ti and GTX 1070 Ti. I use octane render with Cinema 4D for a lot fo my work and need the extra GPU power. Whenever I have both cards plugged in at the...
  3. jds1

    [Solved] Octane Render Activation Glitch

    Refer attached picture; I can't activate/use Octane render as the activation page is glitched/buggy, it seems like it's thrown the letters out by 2 is more cases ie. a=c etc. I decoded what the input 'should' be and it still isn't working. I assume this is a hackintosh problem (however i have...
  4. ClassicMartini

    Octane/Cuda rig- preferred HackT architecture for multiple gpu. 3 or 4 Titan Z's on one

    Greetings from Sydney Australia., Hope I'm posting in the correct area. Is there a preferred architecture for multiple gpu's? We're looking to build an "Octane" rig. Have budget for four Titan Z's. And, would like to use o'clocked 8 core cpu, which leads to question - can Hackintosh "take"...
  5. Tobytobis

    First hackintosh build, advice please! for c4d/rendering octane

    Hey people! I'm just starting the process of building my first Hackintosh, eventually I want to use it for rendering in Octane but I'm not quite ready to invest into a super expensive card, like a titan(compatible?) or whatever. I wanna get the build running first. Im basing most of this off...
  6. roberteeno

    Enable Cuda GeForce GTX 970

    I'm having issues with applications recognizing my Cuda enabled GPU (GTX 970). Specifically Adobe AE CC 2014, and Octane Renderer. I've tried adding my card to the raytracer_supported_cards.txt file in ae but still is not recognized. Any advice on Cuda GPU's would be greatly appreciated.