1. polydron

    100 series motherboards with native NVRAM support?

    UPDATE: thanks to RehabMan. i assume the native NVRAM support is now available with AptioMemoryFix.efi on 100/200/300 series mobos. original post: i see some forum posts saying "Gigabyte 100 series motherboards" don't support native NVRAM. are there known 100 series motherboards with native...
  2. hustlersquad

    750Ti not recognised without manual flag

    My motherboard is a Gigabyte H67N so I am dealing with the Legacy root Clover installer from this page: http://www.tonymacx86.com/resources/el-capitan-post-install-tools.294/ I updated my 100% working 10.10.5 machine to 10.11.5. Everything is good except that despite having nvda_drv=1 in...
  3. Bob_the_Tomato

    [SOLVED] At every boot: "Computer Was Restarted Because of a Problem" - but not true?

    Every time I boot up my hack OSX tells me that "My Computer Was Restarted Because of a Problem." But I never see a restart. It shuts down fairly normally (perhaps a little longer than I'd prefer.) When it boots up I get that message. This began when I upgraded to 10.11.5 (from 10.0.0) I had to...
  4. 11212

    Why NVRAM values won't save to disk?

    Hi. Why NVRAM values won't save to disk? The brightness always reset to maximum, when i restart the laptop...
  5. Dawelz

    How can i fix iMessage error?

    Please, how can i fix iMessage error? Hey! FaceTime works just fine, so the App Store. But when i try to log in on iMessage i get this error: "An error occurred during activation. Try again." And sometimes, before i get this error, i can see the options for iMessage like which e-mail i want...