1. herzberger

    [Solved] Your computer was restarted because of a problem

    On every startup I see the message that my computer was restarted because of a problem. System uptime in the log is always the same, so I guess it's a faulty error that's stored somewhere. I read other threads with similar problems, but deleting nvram.plist didn't help and sudo nvram -c...
  2. jimmyco2008

    OsxAptioFix2Drv stuck in NVRAM

    Hello! I have an MSI Z170A-G45 motherboard that I believe has dedicated NVRAM. I was able to read values via the nvram terminal command in macOS even though I installed Clover UEFI (not the emulated NVRAM option). Anyway, I do not recall if I had the OsxAptioFix2Drv option checked when I...
  3. dark_skulll

    Problem with NVRAM writing

    I am using a samsung NP530U3C-A04PT I have a problem writing the variables in nvram.plist that are not being written correctly put a smUUID in the clover and when I go to see the nvram.plist file the value is different or is always the same, I already removed the file and restart the computer...
  4. Karl-Hungus

    [Solved] Issue with Native NVRam on GA-Z97-HD3 with GTX970

    I have been trying everything to get the Native NVRam working to no avail. So far I have tried: OsxAptioFixDrv, OsxAptioFix2Drv, OsxAptioFix3Drv and AptioMemoryFix (alone and with others) I also tried the EmuvariavleUefi at one point but it has since been fully uninstalled (correctly not just...
  5. leoskingsleyx

    10.13.4 NVRAM emulation not working

    I've been trying for a while now to get NVRAM working, as my system has no native NVRAM. I've tried EmuVariableUEFI and clover RC scripts (note I couldn't find shutdown and shutdown.local but rc.clover.lib is there) and I've tried OsxAptioFixDrv. Neither have worked so far. I can supply any...
  6. funkthew0rld

    [SOLVED] iMessage on iMac 18,2 smbios?

    Hello tonymac! I recently had some bad luck with my first build (was sandy bridge) and I had to pull the trigger on some new hardware. For my new build I chose a smbios of 18,2 on clover configurator because it most closely matches my new machine. I have gone through the iMessage for iDiots...
  7. seb235

    NVRAM - Breaking my motherboard.

    Hello, How do you set up a clover to save NVRAM contents to file on my SSD instead of NVRAM in the motherboard? At the moment I have suspicions that OS X saves information to the mainboard memory, which has already twice made it impossible to start the computer. This was sign in the fact that...
  8. HATCH

    NVRAM Fossils from old build ruining fresh install (macOS High Sierra)

    First time poster/long time reader. I really appreciate this community and admire your knowledge and willingness to help each other out. I've read many other threads that seemed to relate to my issue but was never able to fully resolve anything. So here I am. I had a successful first build that...
  9. Jankum

    Needing some help with config.plist

    I've recently done a clean install of High Sierra onto an old HDD as I make preparations to upgrade this old guy with new SSDs. Reason being the USB worked so figured I'd use a solid platform to do testing and troubleshooting as well as have an HDD I could use for data migration. Problems I've...
  10. BryanEnid

    Keychain Access is not saving credentials - High Sierra 10.13.1

    I am not sure if it is specifically the Keychain that is having problems. But it turns out that when I put the password when I'm about to connect a drive that is in the network and select "Remember this password in my keychain", the password is only saved until the moment I restart the computer...
  11. polydron

    200 series motherboards with native NVRAM support?

    UPDATE: thanks to RehabMan. i assume the native NVRAM support is now available with AptioMemoryFix.efi on 100/200/300 series mobos. original post: are there known 200 series motherboards with native NVRAM support?
  12. beesenpai

    Lenovo Z70-80 Kernel Panic

    Hi all. Sort of new to hackintoshing. Currently trying to do my laptop, a Lenovo Z70-80. Upon trying to boot the installer, I get a kernel panic: panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff7f857c3af0)...
  13. alinach

    Recovery HD MacPro5,1 TyMCEDriver Fix HELP

    Hey I recently wanted a fresh install of Sierra 10.12.6 and I did everything is working fine but my plan is to use File Vault thus I HAVE TO be able to boot on the Recovery Partition and because I'm using the MacPro 5,1 SMBIOS I need to either delete the AppleTyMCEDriver.kext or patch it with...
  14. zonas0574

    [Solved] Install WebDriver nvram show error

    I install WebDriver-378.05.05.25f01 add SystemParameters/NvidiaWeb in config.plist Remove Boot/Arguments/nvda_drv=1 reboot (when I log in sys the screen will flashing white three times) GPU show: GeForce GTX 1060 7M should I change config.plist or add some kext? or where do I start? I am...
  15. Stompyy

    [SOLVED] Can't get Nvidia Web Drivers to work after BIOS update

    Had a fully functional hack, decided to update BIOS, was unable to even boot as it would get hanged on the Apple logo, checked t he BIOS settings and during the update they were back to its default settings, changed them accordingly and was able to boot with no issues however my gpu is now not...
  16. thor-erik

    failed getting NVRAM (Need Help!)

    I keep getting this error trying to boot osx from the usb FakeSMCKeyStore: started then i get this error AMFILoadTrustedKeysFromNVRAM: failed getting NVRAM using 16384 buffer headers and 10240 cluster IO buffer headers how do i fix it?
  17. AGuyWhoIsBored

    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 - Backlight and NVRAM Issues

    Hi all, I've had a couple of issues with my HackBook Pro for a while, and was wondering if I could finally solve them. 1) My screen flashes black occasionally after waking the laptop from sleep (backlight related?). I have full backlight control, however, using IntelBacklight. Surprisingly it...
  18. Laudrup

    after NVRAM reset: Windows 10 boot issues

    fellow hackintoshers, since this is my first post I would like to thank you for this wonderful forum full of great information. Such a valuable source! :idea: Now, I managed to get my machine up and running (thanks again to this forum!). After having Sierra (12.12) installed (just some minor...
  19. moheban79

    [SOLVED] "Your computer shut down because of a problem" recurring message at login..

    Hi, I get this "Your computer shut down because of a problem" recurring message at login ever since I upgraded to Sierra. It's actually two popups. I have the option to cancel or open the apps loaded on last reboot. Crash Report points to com.Lacie.phxcd with dependencies on appleusb kexts. I...
  20. pmdevita

    NVRAM messing with LastBootedVolume

    There is probably a really simple solution to this but for the life of me I can't figure it out. In my config.plist for Clover, I have my default volume set to LastBootedVolume <key>DefaultVolume</key> <string>LastBootedVolume</string> But when booting, it always tries to auto boot Mac. I have...