1. zzmadd

    Need for info about compatible chipsets

    Hi, I've seen on the web sites there are quite exhaustive lists of compatible motherboards and CPUs. Those lists show the motherboard name, the form factor, the audio adapter, the video ports available, the ethernet adapter. Those list don't show, for example, the bluetooth adapter, wifi...
  2. maxisme

    M.2 SSD with Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P mobo.

    Hello, My SSD has just died and I need a new one ASAP luckily I was backing it up with time machine. I now need to replace it and was thinking about trying an M2 as they are only £20 more for a hell of a lot faster system. Is this possible? I would also appreciate any advice on how to re-setup...
  3. usandfriends

    Remove IONVMeFamily.kext from cache through Windows

    Hello, I was able to successfully transfer my working Sierra install from my 850 EVO to 960 PRO (I already erased the 850 EVO). I had deleted /S/L/E/IONVMeFamily.kext and replaced it with /S/L/E/HackrNVMeFamily-10_12_6.kext using Kext Wizard and rebuilt the cache. However, while updating Xcode...
  4. pompey

    installing sierra 10.2.6 on nvme and rx 580 gpu

    Hi mates, Just installed recently High Sierra on my nvme Samsung 951 without any problems with nvidia 1070 card. But lack of good support of nvidia drivers (sleep/wake problem) I decided to switch on xfx rx 580 and use sierra (no apfs) 10.12.6 not high sierra. So here are few questions: 1)...
  5. anotheranother

    [Solved] Is there no simple way to install directly to an NVMe SSD drive?

    I have read https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-hackrnvmefamily-co-existence-with-ionvmefamily-using-class-code-spoof.210316/ and don't understand a word of it. I also don't have Windows 10. I'd hoped that this comment...
  6. droptical

    In-OSX fix for the M.2 NVMe disk not visible in DiskUtility

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this is already well known, or where to put it, so I'll pop it here for now. I'm just installing High Sierra on a new build (i7 8700+RoG Strix-G, EVO960 M2 NVMe), and hit the snag where the (previously unused) M2 drive was not showing in Disk Utility so I couldn't...
  7. hockeycrush

    Post-installation troubles with ASUS Maximus IX Hero

    UPDATE: I have since figured out a lot of the issues I was having, and written a guide in this thread. Hi all, First Hackintosh, so please excuse the basicness of my questions. I've looked at all the guides for my hardware but they all seem to be for Sierra. I'm having a bit of trouble with...
  8. Artedreage

    Artedreage Skylake Build

    Artedreage Skylake Build Asus Z170-A | Intel Core i7-6700 | Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB About This Mac 10.13.3 by Artedreage posted Feb 27, 2018 at 10:06 AM Contents Preface Build Components Peripherals Comments Installation Preparation BIOS settings Installing Post installation MultiBeast Clover...
  9. nanera

    HP Zhan Pro 66 G1 I7 8550U(Mac 惠普战66 PRO G1) fully working with QE/CI high Sierra 10.13.1 To 10.13.2

    HP Zhan Pro 66 G1 I7 8550U(Mac 惠普战66 PRO G1) fully working with QE/CI high Sierra 10.13.1 Updated to 10.13.2 without any issues:works Updated to 10.14.3 (18D109) without any issues:works. Updated to 10.15.1~10.15.2 Catlina with bluetooth & Camera issues.Camera s7 Bluetooth working. HP ZHAN 66...
  10. asheenlevrai

    (sierra) NVMe drive visible in recovery mode?

    Hello every one :) I copied FakeSMC.kext into EFI/Clover/kexts/Others in order to be able to boot into recovery mode on a Sierra rig. Note: - Asus Z97-a - i7-4790k - GTX 980 - Samsung 850 Evo (sATA AHCI SSD) Then I added an M.2 NVMe drive (Corsair MP500) and followed this guide in order...
  11. graphixsounds

    Why is there no recommendation for m.2?M.2 drive for ASUS ROG Strix Z270I

    Any idea why there is no recommendation for NVME/M.2 hard drives now that Unibeast/High Sierra supports them? Id like my boot drive to be running off an M.2 Can someone recommend an M.2 drive for the ASUS ROG Strix Z270I?
  12. moog84

    Very slow boot 10.13.1 HFS on NVME

    Hi. I just started experimenting with a High Sierra boot on 960 EVO NVMe formatted as HFS. The boot time is very slow, 5 mins maybe more. Boot seems to take a normal amount of time with the Unibeast USB plugged. [UPDATE] For those with slow boot issues or generally anyone who wants to do a...
  13. decodernt

    Kernel Panic on MacOs Sierra after updating Xcode and iTunes

    Hello, i have been using Sierra for a long time now on a Z270 with i7 7700k 4,2Ghz, NVMe Samsung 512GB 960 Pro and GTX980. There was no problem at all but yesterday i updated as usuall the Xcode and iTunes, probable Xcode caused the crash. Today i tried to boot the pc but on boot screen it...
  14. Hitokiri

    [HALF-SUCCESS] Sierra | NVme | GTX 1080Ti | No video/audio playback

    Hi everyone ! I just installed my first hackintosh and I should say some aspects went pretty well. First, here's my build : - Mobo : Gigabyte GA-H270M-D3H - CPU : Intel Core Kabylake i7-7700K Processeur 4,20 GHz - Graphics Card : MSI GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X 11G - RAM : Ballistix Sport LT 64Go...
  15. friskfrugt

    Boot drive N/A

    Hi I bought a new HDD and installed it. Now when booting my MacOS boot drive is gone. Doesn't show up in UEFI Doesn't show up booting with clover USB Doesn't show up in disk utility or Windows disk management. My MacOS Boot drive is an Intel 600p NVMe originally installed with...
  16. slowcon

    NVMe via PCIe on GA Z87X-UD5 TH

    I have a working install of El Capitan (10.11.6) and am looking to add a NVMe drive. My current setup is: CPU - Intel i7-4970K GPU - GTX 980 Ti Classified Motherboard - GA Z87X UD5-TH - Bios v F4 PCIe Expansion Card - Lycom DT-120 NVMe Drive - Samsung 960 Evo The motherboard has these...
  17. navier-stokes

    NVMe Fail

    I have a dual boot desktop workstation (DIRAC) MacOS & Win 10. Windows is installed on a NVMe drive (600P) with a clone on a 840 evo. High Sierra is installed on a Crucial MX550. This setup worked with El Cap and earlier Sierra. Now the system will not boot High Sierra with the 600P installed...
  18. XpertVolvox

    Samsung 960 evo nvme drive not detected

    Hey, my HDD is detected by the computer but the m.2 drive is not in the installer. I'm using clover and have got the necessary kexts, none for the SSD as that is natively supported. Thanks!
  19. luispedroemf

    HELP - Sierra NVME SUPPORT?!

    Hi there, i built a pc to make it fully compatible with mac os x Sierra But i can't make the installer to see the M.2 Drive Already found some posts on how to make that work, but cant follow along how to do it. It's a Samsung 950 evo (supported by tonymacosx guide) H270 Bazzoka Core i3 7100...
  20. dmrkillah

    [Solved] Very poor write performance with Samsung SM951 NVME on HFS+ with High Sierra

    Hi, I have updated directly from Sierra to High Sierra, chose to opt-out of APFS and stick with HFS+. Everything went mostly fine, however I have noticed a very poor system perfomance, especially when writing data to disk. I ran Blackmagic speed test and the write speeds are only ~200MB/s...