1. hackyomac

    Can I copy an existing High Sierra installation from 2.5'' SSD to NVMe SSD?

    I have a working 10.13.3 installation on a Samsung 950 EVO, 2.5'' SSD. I am thinking about getting a Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD. Installing all my applications really takes a long time. And I don't really like to use Migration Assistant. In general, could I just copy the drive using Carbon Copy...
  2. nrgsquad

    Help Please! 2nd 960 Pro causes Freeze @EFI mount on Z370 Aorus 7

    Hi there, got an nearly golden Build made of an: Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 8700K 32GB Crucial Ballistix Elite 3000MHz (4x8) GeForce 1080Ti BCM***2CS on an Adapter-Card (BT+WiFi) 2x 960 Pro 512GB Crucial SSD 275GB SATA M.2 3x HDD Custom Watercooled Newest Clover, 10.13.4 I have an big...
  3. Middleman

    [SUCCESS] Asus Z370 Prime P + i7 8700 + Samsung 1TB 960 EVO NVMe + Nvidia GTX 1050

    This is a guide for installing OSX Sierra 10.13.4 onto the Asus Z370 Prime A boot using a Samsung 1TB 960 EVO PCIE NVME and a Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti card. If you don't have a NVME card or a Nvidia card this guide can still work for you - simply bypass those steps. COMPONENTS Asus Z370 Prime P...
  4. sytler

    [In progress] 10.13.4 wont install, prohibit sign

    Hi guys, after some time I wanted to upgrade sierra -> high sierra so I decided to do a clean install. the issue is that I have created installer via Unibeast (followed guide from this site) and after hitting macOS installer inside clover, the apple logo stoped loading in 3/5 of the length so I...
  5. dsgvsn

    After update to 10.13.4, apple may have been repaired the pm981.

    Works well now, But I didn't install Macos in it, I install Macos in a sata ssd. Maybe you can test again!
  6. hisartwork

    Installing High Sierra on NVME 960 Pro not showing in Clover (solved, sort of)

    Finally bought a Samsung 960 PRO NVME M.2 SSD. I decided to test out HS on it before I start using it. I've created the installer USB with UNIBEST 8.2 and MacOS HS downloaded from the App store. When booting from the usb installer I choose "install mac os high sierra from...." and for some...
  7. sbeaber4

    [Solved] NVME Error CSTS=0x3

    Hey guys. After a couple of months of trying to figure this problem out on my own, I am throwing in the towel. I have a NVME in my Fractal Node 202 build. It contains Windows 10. I have my High Sierra 10.13.3 on a another SSD. The main problem is that I get at times a KP after about 30 seconds...
  8. tikiss

    [Solved] Boot hangs at fipspost_post

    Hi, I have successfully installed High Sierra on a Coffee lake based system. I have only one system on an nvme drive. Currently I have faced with one problem, the boot process is hangs for ~20s at point FIPSPOST_USER ... all test passed, showed on the picture: 20180218_101421.jpg and than the...
  9. thmsrock

    Can't boot with SSD M.2 Samsung SM961

    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire E5-575G-551M with InsydeH2o BIOS v. 1.32. The BIOS detects the drive because it shows up as HD01 on the main page. Problem is, it won't show up as a boot option. I did install Sierra and made all the steps to make the drive bootable (RehabMan's guides). How could I...
  10. dfear

    [SOLVED] The version of macOS installed on this mac is newer than the version you are trying to inst

    Hi I am try to install High Sierra, as per https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/how-to-build-your-own-imac-pro-successful-build-extended-guide.229353/. I have have successfully booted from the install usb drive and have booted into "Install macOS High Sierra". I had to add a boot flag...
  11. dsgvsn

    How to fix PM981 in 10.13.3 (17D47).

    I installed 13.3 in my SATA SSD ADATA SP550.And it works well.But when I read the files in PM981, the system will restart suddenly.So I have to disable PM981. But I found patch IONVMeFamily like this , my PM981 worked when I used 13.2. Comment: IONVMeFamily Preferred Block Size 0x10 -> 0x01 (c)...
  12. GrizzlyBR

    [SUCCESS] GrizzlyBR's Tina Turner : ASUS Maximus IX CODE - i7 7700 - ROG Strix GTX 1080

    GrizzlyBR's Tina Turner ASUS Maximus IX CODE - i7 7700 - ROG Strix GTX 1080 TinaTurner by GrizzlyBR posted Feb 2, 2018 at 7:50 PM Index Components The Story Behind The Build 3.1 The Main Parts 3.2 The Other Parts 3.3 Assembly 3.4 The installation 4. Conclusion 1. Components ASUS ROG...
  13. bufferOverflow

    [SOLVED] NVMe ssd not visible in Sierra installer

    I have working High Sierra running on my current Samsung 960 EVO NVMe ssd but want to go back to Sierra because of numerous issues in High Sierra. I followed the guide to create the SSDT_NVMe-Pcc.aml file and copied it to <USBDRIVE>/EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched/SSDT_NVMe-Pcc.aml. But I don't see my...
  14. bufferOverflow

    Graphics slowdown on High Sierra (Downgrade to Sierra?)

    Recently, I upgraded my system to High Sierra and the main motivation for this upgrade was to use my new NVMe SSD. But looks like this was a bad decision to upgrade. Graphics performance is quite bad in High Sierra (monitor not waking up from sleep, slow chrome GPU rendering) and this is already...
  15. Cyb3r

    Windows NVMe drive is not showing inside Sierra

    As the title says, i would like to access the files in that drive but it's not showing up. MOBO: Asus Strix Z270E CPU: i7-7700k MAC SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB Windows SSD: Samsung 960 EVO Series - 1TB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD
  16. alexvery

    i7 8700K / SSDnVme / TB3 40Gb/s / 64Go RAM / GTX 1080ti ... is it possible ?

    Hi there I plan to change my current hackintosh that was built in ... 2012 (i7 3770K, 16GB RAM / SSD SATA / GTX970) and my needs are : - i7 8700K - 64Go RAM - 1 or, better, 2 SSD nVME @3GB/s (512 GB each) - GeForce 1080ti as i need CUDA - very, very important : TB3, at least 1 port (if 2 is...
  17. Jessekazam

    MacOS won't load after Gigabyte F20f bios update.

    I have had a stable working hackintosh for several months now. This afternoon I update bios from F7 to F20f. The system will post and I got into the BIOS and changed all my setting to the correct ones but when I try to boot into MacOS the apple logo shows up and the loading bar pops up but never...
  18. bufferOverflow

    Has anyone tried ADATA XPG SX7000 NVME SSD?

    There is a very good deal going for ADATA XPG SX7000 PCIe NVME M.2 SSD on Newegg. These are not as fast as Samsung Evo 960 but at $150 this is very compelling reason to buy. Here are the advertised features of this drive: PCIe Gen3x4 interface: R/W speed up to 1800/850MB/s NVMe 1.2 Certified...
  19. zzmadd

    Need for info about compatible chipsets

    Hi, I've seen on the web sites there are quite exhaustive lists of compatible motherboards and CPUs. Those lists show the motherboard name, the form factor, the audio adapter, the video ports available, the ethernet adapter. Those list don't show, for example, the bluetooth adapter, wifi...
  20. maxisme

    M.2 SSD with Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P mobo.

    Hello, My SSD has just died and I need a new one ASAP luckily I was backing it up with time machine. I now need to replace it and was thinking about trying an M2 as they are only £20 more for a hell of a lot faster system. Is this possible? I would also appreciate any advice on how to re-setup...