nvidia web drivers

  1. c22intosh

    Flat screen resolution

    Like in the title, my screen is really flat… I have a NVIDIA GTX 1650 and Web Drivers installed, Whatever Green, and it do this. I tried to plug it in the motherboard and change to iGPU but same thing… I was also asking if it was possible to use a second monitor plugged in the motherboard and...
  2. Erizur

    Enable Web Drivers in Mac OS X Mavericks with an NVIDIA GTX 1050 card?

    Hello everyone, i'm very new at hackintosh, i've have done a mojave hackintosh with some bugs due to my card not being supported because of NVIDIA drivers not being available, so now, im trying to do a mac os x mavericks hackintosh, but i cant make the graphics work right, i've used chameleon as...
  3. Skidude587

    Mac OS X Turing Drivers Satus

    So I'm confused with the current state of Mac OS X Turing drivers. As far as I can gather NVIDIA is able and waiting to make Turing drivers for Mac OS X but they are just waiting on Apple? Is that correct? Or is it possible to get web drivers for an older version of Mac OS X? I need help.
  4. david1337

    << Solved >> High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G8037) MSI GTX 1050 NO SIGNAL

    Hi all, I recently installed Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G8037) on my desktop. For the past days I am trying to make NVIDIA Web drivers to work with my MSI GTX 1050 2GB. After the installation I run Multibeast and selected the UEFI installation WITH emulated nvram. I also selected the core...
  5. WinteryFox

    << Solved >> Intel KBL kernel panic after installing NVIDIA web driver

    Hi everyone, I'm getting this kernel panic on boot after I installed the NVIDIA graphics web drivers on High Sierra 10.13.6 Laptop: Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51 CPU: Intel i5 7300HQ GPU: GTX 1050 (4 GB) Ram: 8 GB Thanks for the help! Anonymous UUID: 07C7A74D-2738-C1BC-58E9-C9CEF521582A Sat...
  6. Taazin


    Hi everyone first of all let me introduce you guys to my system ITS an OEM HP COMPAQ DX2390 it has an msi ms-7525 mobo 4gb ddr2 and an intel xeon E5450 (no onboard graphics)that has been fitted into an lga 775 socket on mobo by lga 775 to 771 mod link to processor...
  7. Eriks

    Hackintosh Nvidia RTX 2080ti compatibility

    I'm going to build my first hackintosh and have never build even a PC before, so excuse me for this question but: I really want the 2080ti for gaming on windows, but does any one know when there will be drivers out for that gpu? My CPU would be the i9 9900k. Would you guys recommend a Nvidia...
  8. Dogstalotl

    [NEW ISSUE] Display Output Breaks Part Way Through OS X Boot

    Ever since the new MultiBeast release, I've been unable to load OS X properly. When I boot in to OS X, the loading bar will get to a little over 2/3rds or 3/4ths the way loaded then the screen will turn black and my primary monitor will say that no HDMI input was detected (both monitors are...
  9. fowlred11

    Black Screen when using NVIDIA Web Drivers

    Hey guys. I'm new to Hackintoshing, but fairly experienced with computers in general (ex-web/game developer). I've been trying for hours, looking through every forum and thread I can find and no solution seems to be working. When I boot MacOS High Sierra with the NVIDIA Web Drivers, it brings...
  10. moisemust

    Nvidia GTX 1050 or GT 1030 not working

    Hi. I was given an old prebuilt PC (Core 2 Duo) running Windows 7 at the end of an internship. I added a GT 1030 for using it as a hackintosh as the installer boots and installs successfully. More recently I built my own PC for light gaming and figured I'd choose my components here to be sure...
  11. colinYCW

    Acer Aspire E17 [was: Nvidia graphic acceleration not working!]

    Hi, I'm using Aspire E5-772G laptop. i5-5200U 2.20GHz 4GB DDR3 RAM Intel HD Graphics 5500 Nvidia GeForce 940M Recently i have followed so many tutorials on fixing graphics problems on hackintosh. Like, https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/read-me-first-graphics-setup-troubleshooting.183617/...
  12. SilverVahnrin2334

    [Help] Z370 and Coffee Lake Issues

    Hi, I Have an MSI SLI Plus Z370, i7-8700K, and an MSI GTX 1080ti Armor 8G OC. I'm having issues with the error "couldn't allocate runtime area" During boot. I've tried many clover options but I can't boot after I enable Nvidia web drivers. I've tried replacing VBoxHfs-64.efi with HFSPlus.efi in...
  13. nice97

    [Solved] Nvidia Webdriver flickering monitor problem

    Hi everyone. I have a problem with my new Sierra Hackintosh that I'm building. First of all I have to say that my machine is powered with the new Intel i7 8700 with the Gigabyte z370 HD3P (but actually I think that the problem that I'm having is not because of the incompatible CPU.) After the...
  14. gazlawn

    [Solved] Struggling - High Sierra + Nvidia Web Drivers

    Hi All, have used El Capitan on my Hackintosh for over a year (flawlessly). I now needed to do some software upgrades and decided (now foolishly) that going for a clean install would be a smarter decision. I've installed High Sierra, and can boot into this, however when I install the Nvidia Web...
  15. muk546

    Nvidia Web Drivers High Sierra (my solution)

    I had quite a bit of trouble getting the web drivers to work this time around heres what I ultimately had to do: Install web drivers (lastest version here) Install all three of these helper kexts (you may not need them all I need the ones in bold because I'm using system definition 12,2 so...
  16. HackInBuild

    [Solved] Scrambled UI Elements in OS X Sierra

    I'm having an issue with certain UI elements being scrambled in some apps. I'm using OS X Sierra 10.12.0 and the latest web drivers for my 750ti (version: 367.15.10.05f01). Thanks in advance!
  17. Zach.JSmith

    HELP!!! Nvidia web driver not working

    1. I installed the pkg, rebooted, but the graphics didn't seem to be working. 2. I went to sys pref, clicked on ndivia, and selected use nvidia drivers. Then it said restart for changes to take effect. 3. However, after restarting I still had many graphics glitches, and the OS X driver was...
  18. Elvin83

    [Solved] NVIDIA GTX 960 OC Installation

    Hello: I'm new to Hackintosh's so I decided to build one using the specs from here. Everything went smoothly as I followed every step of the instructions provided in the guides. Now post installation I can't seem to use the NVIDIA Web drivers, everytime I change to use them in the NVIDIA Panel...
  19. unguamoray

    El Capitan GTX 560 No Dual display (Web Drivers)

    Did a fresh Clover install of OSX El Capitan, after being on Mavericks for a few years (where everything worked fine). On El Capitan I used the OS X Default Graphics for a while (having both displays working fine) until I had to do some work in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro etc. Both of those...
  20. BigMc22

    Web Drivers on GTX 970 won't work with new TV

    Hi guys, Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find the information on this specific issue elsewhere. So I've just finished my first build, running 10.12.5. Everything was going well with my EVGA GTX 970 SC 2.0 through HDMI. I was testing this through HDMI on a TV. I...