nvidia gtx 660

  1. Tobiasschuster1301

    Graphic Bugs on my Nvidia GTX 660 /High Sierra

    Hello sometimes I got graphic problems with my GTX 660.. The problem appears when I want to move pictures in word or want to start a programm in fullscreen (Example screenshot of the problem is attached) Efi is also attached. I already tried installing CUDA Plugins and Nvidia Web Drivers but no...
  2. mikem33

    Drivers for Nvidia GTX 660?

    Hi! I usually draw with a Wacom tablet in Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint and I have noticed that the performance of my strokes are worse than when I have installed Yosemite. I've never had to inject Nvidia Drivers with my GTX 660 and the performance was good but now I get some lag. I...