nvidia 560

  1. jadevjs

    iGPU & dGPU switching

    Hi, First, huge gratitude to the community for helping me all these years in building and maintaining my hackintosh. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB - dGPU and as it doesn't support High Sierra unless I turn off metal, I thought I could use the Intel HD Graphics 4000 - iGPU for my Mac...
  2. SpookyPirate

    MultiBeast 5 & Nvidia Geforce 560 (no TI)

    I have been running ML smoothly for a few weeks now but when I first installed ML I ran MultiBeast 4.6 and installed the OpenGL combo update (or whatever it was called) and I would get a KP. My graphics seemed to be functioning normally without the driver so I just left it alone. Today I...