1. den59

    [Solved] Issues with Sierra on GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 + 6700k + gtx970

    HI all, I built once a hackintosh in 2011, and decided to do it again now. Unfortunately, i seems to have more problems this time as before. I followed these instructions https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-el-capitan-on-the-skylake-h170n-wifi.178197/ with minor changes related to how web...

    GTX 960 won´t run

    Hello users i built my first hackintosh and i bought a gtx 960 Gigabyte mini itx this card is recommended in the buyers guide. But now i installed the newest Nvidia Webdriver for my Sierra 10.12.3 and then rebootet insert the grafics card and added the boot arg nvda_drv=1 and every time when the...
  3. amirreza225

    How to install driver of gtx1060 or use onboard gpu in sierra?

    Hi , I have Builded my hackintosh but it shows me just 7mb of graphics card ? how should I fix this problem ? Any Driver is released for gtx1060? If not how I can use my onboard gpu in my sierra hackintosh ? My Build : Intel Core i5 6600k Asus Z170-a Nvidia gtx 1060
  4. lentife

    GTX 980Ti Black Screen Sierra 10.12.3

    Hi folks, I'm having trouble with my new build. Basically, after selecting the "Boot Mac OS X from Sierra" in Clover, I get a black screen and nothing happens. I made a fresh install with Clover (Legacy Mode) and used Multibeast quick installation (Legacy Mode). SMBIOS: iMac14,2. I also...
  5. jan2ooo

    ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS / 2x Intel Xeon E5-2696V2 / 128GB / Nvidia - no "fully" working system

    Hey Folks. I know there are several guides for configs like this, but I am not able to build a "fully" working system with my skills. ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS (latest BIOS) 2x Intel Xeon E5-2696V2 128GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 After dealing with a lot of BIOS configurations, I was able to install a...
  6. Ifabp

    Problem with HDMI Audio on yosemite...

    Good Evening, (I do appologies, my english is a little bit poor) First my conf: Motherboard Gigabytes ga g41m Combo Socket lga 775 CPU: Quad core q8200 Ram:DDR2 x 2X2 = 4go Graphic card:nvidia Geforce G100 512MB ddr2 (maybe the problem is here) Power supplied: no name 400W screen:samsung b2430...
  7. SimplyRyan

    Lenovo W520 Nvidia Graphics?

    I'm trying to get the nVidia GPU (Quadro 1000M) working, which is supposed to be supported. I have a 99% working hackintosh Lenovo W520 (with the exception of USB 3 which is a no-go on 6 series chipset, and of course Nvidia GPU). I've patched my own DSDT to get battery status and Intel HD3000...
  8. S402

    [Solved] Problems After Re-Installation

    I am in desperate need of help. Two days ago my build was working completely fine with audio, iMessage, correct graphics, and dual boot with Windows 10 Pro. Then I accidentally screwed up my audio and in being new to this I couldn't figure out how to undo my mistake. I decided to just do a fresh...
  9. the_gael

    Black screen with iMac 14,2 system definition

    I hope some one can shed light on this, excuse the pun, I have experienced this issue only since upgrading to 10.12.2 and on two machines. This is on the machine in my signature. This has worked flawlessly for some considerable time but has today suffered this issue. I have also seen this on a...
  10. muk546

    Major Sleep issue after Sierra update

    I really am at a loss this has been a dependable OS X box for years (10.7-10.11), The latest Sierra caused me all sorts of grief (usb issues, video issues, etc). I've managed to resolve all but one: SLEEP. When I put my system to sleep it wakes up fine if (and only if) I'm using the right dark...
  11. evohack

    Xcode app icons are not rendered correctly

    Hi, I just installed mac os 10.12.1 (16B2657) on my hackintosh with the most recent nvidia web drivers and cuda drivers. I have a GTX 970. All process goes smoothly, but after installing Xcode 8.1 the latest version I noticed that all app icons and the apple menu bar icon are not rendered...
  12. KSYMEK

    MacOS Sierra 2 monitors

    Hi. Today I installed my first hackintosh. I have problems with my 2 monitors. When I plug 2 monitors system restarts. When I plug only my primary monitor all is alright. My graphic card is GTX970 and I have nvidia web drivers for it. Sorry for my bad english and thanks for any help.
  13. Mo75

    Any 3 Monitors Users??

    After installing my 3d monitor my gtx780 memory clock 6.01GHz all the time and GPU core 810MHz at least!! Please Note: - All the three monitors are 1920X1080 60Hz. - If I disconnect any of the three monitors the clock will go down and rise only when needed. - Clock down normally with...
  14. daikez

    which is better? Gtx 950 or Gtx 960 "hackingtoshable"

    Hi guys, recently im thinking about to buy a better Nvidia Card, im looking gtx 1060 but is pascal and i read there is not drivers im trying to look more options like 900series so my question is which is better (obviusly the 960), i reffer to which is more "hackingtoshable" which work properly...
  15. ShamanGreeny

    [Solved] Display won't wake after sleep - macOS Sierra post install

    Hi there - Hopefully the subject says it all. I had no issues with sleep in El Capitan, however immediately following the Sierra install the display won't wake after the system has gone into deeper sleep. The machine does turn on, however the displays never do. I've walked through a bunch of...
  16. hmnaakash

    NVIDIA web driver glitch issue

    NVIDIA web driver not working on my old 3rd gen i7 PC ( MSI GeForce GT 545 3072 MB ). Anyone have fixed this issue before next NVIDIA update?
  17. macdev2000

    macOS Sierra on E6420

    E6420, A23 BIOS, NVS 4200M 512, 128 GB SSD with Vanilla macOS Sierra Retail throws a strange show of checkers once it boots to login screen; Boots fine through -> Clover v2.3k_r3763 -> though it does takes some time to initd6, then ++++++++++++++, -> continues alright till end to load...
  18. iamstevenchu

    Lenovo Y700 hackintoshable?

    Hi guys, I am using a Lenovo Y700 Laptop. I am here to ask if my laptop is hackintoshable. Please help since I need to use some software with OSX system at school. The spec is below: Lenovo Y700 15ISK i7 6700HQ (which is a skylake:cry:) GTX 960m 16 GB ram Please help since I need that soon...
  19. zoommmmm11

    [SOLVED] My GPU has suddenly stopped working after I moved. Weirdest issue I've ever dealt with

    I'm really stumped here. The story goes like this: I have a GTX 970 that has been in my computer and working great for about half a year now. However, I recently moved and left the computer together while it was in transit (didn't take any parts out). When I got to my destination the computer...
  20. jackquinn27

    Distortion on Boot

    Hi, I'm relatively new in the hackintosh scene. I was able to install El Capitan on my hard drive, and installed the NVIDIA Web Drivers for my GPU, but the system will only boot if I have the nv_disable=1 boot flag entered. I don't understand why the driver won't work for me. When the machine...