1. AzadSingh

    No bless setting for a primary boot setting was found

    when I click continue to install sierra i get "No bless setting for a primary boot setting was found" and says to restart. PLS help thank you.
  2. grtdemo

    [Success] 5k High Sierra | GA-H170N-WIFI | GTX-960 | Dell UP2715K

    grtdemo's 5K miniITX Build: GA-H170N-WIFI - GTX-960 - Dell UP2715K https://www.tonymacx86.com/media/fractal-design-node-202.189671/full?d=1511170390 Components Gigabyte GA-H170N-Wifi Motherboard https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015CQ8D9Q/?tag=tonymacx86com-20 Broadcom BCM94352Z DW1560 Wifi/Bluetooth...
  3. krachbumms

    ATI or NVidia?

    Hi! It seems I need to upgrade my graphics cards for XCode 9, currently have a ATI 6870. I am really puzzled that there are only NVidia cards on the recommended buying list. They seem to work only with special drivers and the forum is full of people who run into issues every time there is an...
  4. jlinlop

    Black screen with nvidia web drivers!!

    Help me! this is taking me crazy, my specs: Gigabyte H61-DS2 with i7 Nvidia 1050ti High sierra 10.13 installed Plugged with sony tv kdl46nx all works fine Plugged with hp24xw monitor black screen on boot up Maybe a concern with hdmi 1.4 vs hdmi 2.0???? Help!!!!!!and thanks!!!
  5. Piero2411

    No audio after install gtx 1050 ti

    Hi I have a problem on my hackintosh mac OS Sierra I installed the gtx 1050 ti. i installed the drivers: Alc1150 100 series-audio After that the sound doesn't work after 2/3 days work automatically. Last week i have try to install High Sierra, but don’t work for problem with nvidia...
  6. FlameFusion

    nVidia Webdrivers NOT SELECTING PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hello I am trying to enable nVidia web drivers for my hackintosh, I enable them under system preferences then I reboot but still stay with the Mac OS Default drivers. My PC Specs are: Mobo:Gigabyte GA-H110m-m.2 CPU:Intel i3 6100 GPU:Gigabyte GTX 1060 3gb Mac Version:10.12.6 Please help me as...
  7. omii3295

    hp pavilion 14 notebook pc 14-v013la

    intel core i5-4210U CPU 1.70GHZ 2.40 GHz RAM: 8:GB Sistem 64 bits Nvidia Gforce 840m intel hd graphics 4400 Procesador 4 nucleos Can I install hackintosh with these features? Is there any problem Thank you
  8. pl2k

    New Gigabyte GT 730 2GB DDR5 card will not allow me to boot past half way apple progress bar

    I have purchased a Gigabyte GT 730 2GB DDR5 card to replace my old bfg 8800GTX , the problem is after I have installed it, when it boots, it gets to the apple logo with the progress bar and reaches half way before rebooting. It keeps on repeating this cycle. ** When I installed an EVGA 1050TI...
  9. pl2k

    New EVGA 1050TI SSC 4GB installed on El Capitan - not recognised, flashing cursor

    Hi All, I have been a long time hackintosh user but a noob to the forums and hackintosh in general. I don't usually update my system due to concerns about stability. Anyway, my old bfg nvida 8800gtx graphics card decided to stop working after 10 years so I replaced it with an EVGA 1050TI SSC...
  10. MrFSXguyHD

    When should I install GTX 1060?

    I just got my GTX 1060 and I am also updating to OS Sierra in order to get the Nvidia Web Drivers for the GPU. When should i install the card, before updating, after the reboot, after the update and the same with the drivers? Thanks
  11. Piero2411

    Graphic cards for hackintosh

    hi next week i wont to buy a graphic card for my hackintosh... in this moment i use a internal graphic card... What graphics card do you recommend? That does not give problems with my setup and to spend maximum $200 I thought the gigabyte 1050 ti But I'm not sure where to find drivers and...
  12. xxsoftdown

    [SOLVED]Nvidia GTX 1060 working. Nvidia Drivers.

    Guys, My Nvidia GTX 1060 now working and detected in Hackintosh. It shows in "about mac" also. I am Using HDMI cable. Using macSierra (10.12.5). I think this will work for at-least Nvidia 10...series. I had nv_disable=1 (NOT nvda_drv=1) :: I did these steps when I installed Drivers but was NOT...
  13. CarluenaDoctor

    Correctly installing Nvidia Drivers - Basic questions

    Hi. My GPU is this an Nvidia GTX 1050 As you can see it's working correctly. For installing it I just downloaded and installed the Nvidia Drivers from this post. However, I have not changed anything on the config.plist or used any bootflag. I don't know if I do have to do something else...
  14. riccardo.uccelli

    [SOLVED] Black screen with Dual Monitor connected

    Hi friend, I've hackintosh with GTX 1050 TI (HDMI+DP+DVi). My problem is when I boot with HDMI and DVI connected, both monitor stay off. If I connect only one monitor at boot no issue. After the login I connect the second and works properly. I don't know why.... :( I installed Nvidia web driver...
  15. SpiderIan

    [Solved] Help, Nvidia 1060, i7 7700k, Asus Maximus Hero ix

    I've gone through all the Nvidia tutorials and troubleshooting, and I still can't get my graphics card to work right. I blinks and makes weird boxes. My about this Mac says I'm running 10.12.4, iMac (retina 5k, 27 inch late 2015) If someone could double check and tell me what I missed or need...
  16. Mosca7102

    [SOLVED] NVIDIA Web Driver won't work

    Hi all, I am new to the world of Hackintosh, so maybe I am doing a stupid error... Anyway, the situation is the following: I have installed Mac OS Sierra without problem on my HP TouchSmart 600 1220 (Specs here. Note that the video card is different: in the link is GT230, mine is G210M), then I...
  17. TYDCCO

    [SOLVED] Nvidia Web Drivers not working for macOS 10.12.4

    Hi, I have installed the latest Nvidia Web Driver for macOS Sierra (10.12.4) and when I try to boot with nvda_drv=1 enabled, it keeps crashing and rebooting. When I boot with nv_disable=1, it works just fine and it even tells me that I have the Nvidia Web Driver enabled in the Menu bar. I have...
  18. hyspace

    [SOLVED] New Nvidia web driver(378.05.05.05f01) will break night shift in Sierra 10.12.4

    Today I got Nvidia web driver(378.05.05.05f01) update notification. This update is the one with driver for pascal cards, however it breaks night shift function in Sierra 10.12.4. Even f.lux stopped working. This function is really important to me, now I'm feeling that the screen is too bright to...
  19. adamsulfer

    Can I Install Sierra On Asus XA44LF i5-5200U GT930M

    Hello dude. i want to dual boot os win7 with macos sierra. my laptop Asus and the spec is i5 - 5200U (Broadwell) Nvidia GT930M how to step-by-step to install? anyone success without any problem ? and what the problem you got ? thanks
  20. hlehofer

    [SOLVED] Screen becomes black in the middle of the boot sequence

    Hello, after switching graphics from AMD to Nvidia, I decided to make a clean new install (Sierra 10.12.3) on a new SSD. I followed the 'official' guide, everything went fine (besides one issue for which I'll create a separate thread) until the first reboot (after Multibeast was used and the...