1. rene.pike

    Problems With GT520

    Hi Can someone help me please I cant get my Evga GT520 working right, I have it working with dual monitors with DVI and VGA but when I use HDMI there is no picture also if I load a game I loose the picture as well. I have installed a kext what but 0x104010de&0xffc0ffff in to NVDAGF100Hal...
  2. nhomen

    (SUCCESS) Dell Inspiron 580 Mountain Lion

    After DAYS of researching, installing, erasing, researching, installing, erasing, banging my head, installing, etc. I've finally got a stable version of Mountain Lion running on my Dell Inspiron 580!! My current setup: Motherboard: Stock Inspiron 580 (dh57m02): EasyBeast CPU: i3-540...