1. chrissayen

    OpenCore Catalina NullEthernet + SSDT-RMNE: NullEthernet.kext missing

    OpenCore 0.5.8 Catalina 10.15.4 Intel i5 4660 AMD rx 470 MSI H81M-E33 I have attached my config.plist as well as the log file, and an image of my EFI directory So far things are going smoothly. Without NullEthernet.kext and SSDT-RMNE.aml, I can boot without issue. I show no eth0 device, so...
  2. omidzy

    installed NullEthernet.kext but cant login in appstore

    hi everybody i installed NullEthernet.kext with ssdt and i have the fake ethernet at en0 but cant login app store what should i do?
  3. qughzx

    Cannot sign into app store - Laptop does not have Ethernet interface

    10.12.2 OS VER It's my first time around here trying to Hackintosh my ASUS laptop. I tried Googling and looking through threads searching for help. managed to fix lots of things with my laptop but there's this one thing that is still bothering me for hours and is refusing to be fixed.. I am...
  4. Commander-TWP

    Can't login iMessages/Facetime using NullEthernet on El Capitan 10.11.6

    Hello, I've installed El Capitan 10.11.6 on my Asus Zenbook using Clover bootloader, my laptop doesn't have built-in ethernet, so i'm using NullEthernet.kext and DSDT patched on my hackintosh, i changed my wifi adapter with TL-WN725N (dongle) because my wifi adapter (built-in) doesn't support...
  5. xkieron99x

    help needed setting up null ethernet/ broadcom 57785

    hi i new to hackintosh scene, i can't find a working broadcom 57785 for mavericks 10.9.4 and because of this i was trying to setup null ethernet, but im stuck because i don't know how to set up null ethernet injector any help would be thanksful p.s im using a laptop