1. darkbluecat

    Samsung NP530U3C-A03cl Graphic Glitch on Sierra installer load

    Hello, I'm super noob into hackintosh scene. Hope you can help me. I've been trying to install Sierra in my Samsung NP530u3c-a03cl but after the apple logo appears, the image glitches and appears the "loading" cursor from macOS, but nothing happens and the cursor keeps spinning and the graphics...
  2. jean512

    [Closed] Black screen with HD 4000

    Hello, It has been some days I'm trying to Hackintosh the NP530U3C. The main issue is the HD 4000. I have read all Hackintosh basics guide and FAQ here. I don't know what to try know, I'm still stuck with the graphics. :( Issue : I can install and boot Mojave but the laptop screen is black. It...
  3. dioxine

    Samsung NP530U3C-A02RU El Capitan. Works EVERYTHING.

    NP530U3C-A02RU OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan Works EVERYTHING. SpeedStep, Turbo, Sleep, Wake, blabla... Even external mic detection works too. Only physically changed unsupported intel wifi card for atheros ar9285. OSX is fully vanilla and ready for further updates. Recovery partition is working too...
  4. SDK-123

    HD4000 Graphics Support on Samsung NP530U4C

    I recently got a new-ish Samsung laptop. These laptops (NP530U4C) use only Intel HD4000 graphics for internal display and NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M Graphics for the HDMI port. Usually the HDMI port works for viewing, like on the similar NP530U3C. Some people, however got the internal graphics (HD...