notification center

  1. protikk6

    weather Notification Center missing

    hello, I just built a hackintosh and installed Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 (16C68) but my weather & stock notifications are missing from the Notification Center, but in my guest account all notifications are there. I also tried to create another account, enable & disable SIP......didn't work. PLZ...
  2. Haravikk

    Missing Notification Centre Widgets

    Probably not a hackintosh specific issue, but a bunch of my vanilla Notification Centre widgets have disappeared, including Stocks and Weather, leaving me with only the Today Summary, Calculator, Find my Friends, Social and World Clock widgets. I found a guide suggesting I run the following...
  3. Esau_Canto

    Weather Widget missing from notification center in El Capitan

    So i think the title is self explanatory. The weather widget is nowhere to be found. Is not that big of a deal but i really used it very profusely. Any way to solve this?
  4. ronf89

    Glitchy/Choppy Animations: Notification Center, Expose, Dashboard, etc

    Hey all, I've got my system 90% there—audio and everything seems to be working perfectly. The only hang up I'm experiencing is for some of my favorite new features of Mountain Lion, and that is Notification Center and anything else that has a sort of "animation" to it. I've seen a few other...