noob question

  1. Krapomatic

    ProTools HDX and Designare x299

    Hey all ! I finally got a pretty powerfull build from a italian company with a 10th gen i9 and a Deisgnare X299 with BigSur. All the apps and plugs have been installed. Everything is working fine. Now, it's time for the HDX card (big PCI card for those who don't know) to be plugged in it's new...
  2. WarTowels

    Thunderbolt 3 / DP / DVI-D / HDMI output question

    PRETEXT: Hello everyone, I'm just diving into researching about Hackintosh's and this is my first post so I apologize if there are any fauxpas I'm commiting. My question isn't entirely specific to a hackintosh, and is more of a general technology question but I figure users here might know the...
  3. talexmediallc

    << Solved >> Help! Updated to Catalina 10.15.5 and stuck on black screen

    I've just upgraded to Catalina 10.15.5 and I am stuck on a black screen - no apple logo at startup. It's just black. I've also created a USB startup disk for Catalina using my macbookpro and following the guides here but it won't boot from that either. Here is a pic of what I get when I try...
  4. BobbyBuildital

    Seeking Advice for First Time Build

    Hi! I'm really new to this thing, but my goal is to build a powerful hackintosh for my friend's video editing (and audio production) purposes -- he mostly works in the Adobe suite and Ableton 10. If you have ANY ADVICE to offer, I appreciate it! I've done a lot of research and I believe this...
  5. idkhacintosh

    mac os not installing on intel nuc ((NUC8i5BEK)

    hello, I'm trying to install mac os on my nuc (NUC8i5BEK), but every time I boot into clover it doesn't give me an option to install mac os. Also, the only reason why I'm trying to get high sierra on it is that the only mac in my house can only run high sierra. pls help thanks
  6. sushant77

    Compatibility Check please.

    Hello everyone I bought Lenovo - IdeaPad S145, Model : 81MV008AUS CPU: 8th Gen Intel® Core i7-8565U GPU:Intel® UHD Graphics 620 Motherboards: LNVNB161216 RAM: DDR4 SDRAM 12 GB HDD: Samsung 256 GB SSD Can I build a hackintosh with this?
  7. bcrazycramer

    Noob Alert - Samsung SSD 950 Pro M.2 Installation

    Hello, I'm attempting my first hackintosh installation with the following: Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 Bios Version F23i 2 - NVMe Samsung SSD 950 Pro 512GB EVGA Geforce 970 Video Card Entered bios and loaded optimized defaults. Set X.M.P. Memory profile to profile 1 and cpu VT-d disabled. When...
  8. bendpart836

    Is my PC capable of being a stable Hackintosh?

    I'm new to hackintoshing and am looking to upgrade from my 2009 mac mini, I am in the process of buying parts for a PC build because I want something I can do gaming on and also use various windows software but I think i'd like to continue using Mac OS X, i'm pretty underwhelmed with Apple's...
  9. PT92

    SOLVED: August built Z370M-DS3H stuck on clover boot

    Hi all, Great to see such an active and helpful community around the hackintosh project. After finding out it was actually possible to build a supreme mac without the excessive costs I decided it was worth the investment and time to build my very first Hackintosh. I've decided to go for a dual...
  10. DiegoAvilanFranco

    I'm New to this Hackingtosh stuff

    So, i've never even built a PC and I know building a Mac has more complications, but I want to have a Mac where i can edit video, use the Adobe Suite and just multitask without it being slow at a reasonable price, so I wanna know how much time and money it would take to create such Mac. I would...
  11. RehabMan

    Will I be able to install any OSX version in my Lenevo g40-80 Laptop?

    Follow the Clover guide linked from the FAQ. Although you should read the FAQ for an overview of issues, the Clover guide is linked from the first question: "Q. Where do I start?", just...
  12. cmy

    [Solved] Asus PRime-a Z370 8700k 32gbx4 @ 4000mhz Cant get it to work

    After 1 month of learning about Clover and creating, stable somewhat bootable USB stick that boots 1/5x , but cannot get to boot wihtout the USB at all. I've edited various Clover settings and tried some other people's EFI files but still no luck. I'm still stuck here after everything. Must be a...
  13. DuckyTheDuck

    Complete noob

    I'm a complete noob at the hackintosh scene, i got my hands on a copy of high sierra and i want to install it on my HP Omen 1GN53EA#UUZ , I don't mind if wifi and bluetooth dosen't work, i need OsX For Logic Pro and i don't want to buy a mac just for that. Where and how i get started doing this...
  14. MahirDeep

    HELP ME!! Can I run macOS with these build?

    Greetings everyone! I want to go for my first hackintosh experience, but I don't know anything since it's my first time in mac enviroment. I have these specifications: CPU : Intel Core i3 4160 MOBO: ASUS H81M-P RAM: 4GB GPU: AMD SAPPHIRE R7 260x 2GB DDR5 USB Keyboard & Bluetooth Mouse Please...
  15. Ps41994

    Building a Hackintosh that can boot Windows 7 but need help

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to build a hackintosh (Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, any one of these I don’t mind) that can also boot Windows 7. I need something fairly powerful as I will be using it for video editing on Adobe Premiere and gaming, but I am a complete noob when it...
  16. zhangchi000

    Noob question: Can GTX 1060 works with El Capitan?

    This is my first time building hackintosh. I have tried to install high sierra but the graphics card installation failed me like 20 times. I felt extremely frustrated. I just want to know can I use multibeast to install all the drivers? Do I still have to change the plist file for the...
  17. xdevillived666

    Need help with native audio

    Hey folks, I am trying to get my native audio working so I can stop using Voodoo hda, as the latter gives me nasty feedback with headphones. I was looking to patch applealc(I am open to suggestions, though) , just not sure what codec I have. I have attached my linux codec dump, just not sure how...
  18. Virgin1

    Need help, Sierra does not load after reboot

    Hey guys I could really use some help. Noob here with first time build. Quick rundown, I built a customac matx with a gigabyte ga-z170 gaming mobo and 500gb Samsung ssd drive. I followed the guide and was able to get it installed and setup just fine. I ran multibeast after setup and made sure...
  19. Jaimee152

    Can My PC RUN MAC OS SIERRA, Should i get a video card? sorry for my english

    processor Core 2 duo E7500 2.93 ghz x 2 socket 775 -2 gb ram ddr2 -160 Hard drive sata -DVD LG -Motherboard ASROCK g965m-s ddr2- pci-e -Windows 7 utlimate 64 bits
  20. Slipety

    About to install hackintosh for first time

    So the story is that i would like to know how to make the Sierra installation to my system. Atm i have a 500gb Samsung SSD with windows 10 and i would like to keep it that way. But i have this spare 120gb SSD. So which kind of installation media i need to do. I have a macbook with the latest OS...