no wifi

  1. krutisundar

    no wifi interface inside network

    HI Folks I am a new user to my macbook air, OSXYosemite, 10.10.5. Recently i found out that there is no wifi interface in network also no ethernet. i have been facing two issue , 1)can't see wifi interface so can't connect to wifi.(wifi software info available in system report) 2)can't...
  2. meuw

    Gigabyte z270N-wifi - No Wifi? help!

    So I got everything working, and OSX is running like a dream, except for the wifi. I ended up with a rather strange problem... Tonymacx86 recormends this Motherboard, Gigabyte z270N-wifi. But I just can't get the wifi on it to work. Any ideas are more than wellcome! System info: Intel core...
  3. Danpan2001

    Dw 1560 BT works, Wifi not working

    I will list all kexts mentioned below. I have installed FAKEPCIID.kext as well as FAKEPCIID_broadcom.kext. and also BrcmpatchRam2.kext and Bcrmfirmwarerepo.kext. All of these kext are in S/L/E. I also have Airportbcrmfixup.kext in my efi folder. IN clover I have the darkvoid patch. Rebuilt...
  4. numerous

    PCIe TP-Link Wifi Card Not Recognizable - (Sierra 10.12.2)

    I recently built a custom Hackintosh, and am very pleased with everything EXCEPT for one major problem; I installed a TP-LINK Archer T9E PCI Express AC1900 Wireless Dual Band PCI Express Adapter and for some reason, my Hackintosh simply cannot recognize this device at all. It is a huge issue to...
  5. numerous

    Problem with TP-LINK Archer T9E AC1900 Wifi Adapter

    I recently built a custom Hackintosh and everything works EXCEPT the wifi adapter. I bought the TP-LINK Archer T9E AC1900 Wifi adapter because I read in several locations that this is one of the few adapters that works with Mac OS X natively. Unfortunately, after plugging it into several...
  6. macFanR

    El Capitan no audio, no wifi and graphics problem

    First of all I am new to this whole hackintosh world, so be kindful for any dumb question or irrelevant information by me. I installed El Capitan 10.11.5 in UEFI on my Lenovo C360 AIO with unibeast installer usb without any problem and then applied multibeast for clover in EFI partition and also...
  7. busta

    Ga-z97n-wifi no airport / no wifi

    Hello, i'v just setup my new customac . my config is based on the buyers guide october 2014 . and i've follow the installation guide to setup yosemite . unfortunatly i dont have wireless . it doesn't not detect any wifi card . do i need to do something in bios or setup any driver to make it work...
  8. mandy11783

    AR5B195 not detecting any bluetooth or Wifi

    I had this model of card working and suddenly it is not detecting any wifi or bluetooth. It is being detected by the OS without any problems, but i am not able to detect any wifi networks or bluetooth devices. Can anyone help me with this?
  9. jeefo254

    Toshiba Satellite C-55-A16C no sound, no wi-fi, low res

    Hi, I've managed to install Mavericks on my Toshiba laptop and I don't have anything working. No Wi-Fi, no Ethernet, no sound, 1024x768 resolution.. Now I'm installing it again because I messed around with a DSDT file presumably for my Intel PT10F Motherboard.. what I could get with Cpu-Z...
  10. synedexter

    Configuring DWA121

    i'm not sure if this post is meant for this forum but i do need a little help. the wifi on my macbook pro stopped working a while ago and i just got a Dlink DWA 121 card, i got a link on a site to install the rtl8188cus driver, i did, the card was recognised but its being detected as a regular...