no sound

  1. arthurpcs

    sound only in headphone and bluetooth

    I installed the MAc Catalina on the Hp Pavilion 15 cs0051wm and after installing the kexts I found on the internet the sound started working on the headphone and via bluetooth but I couldn't get it to work on the notebook speakers, does anyone know of any kext or how or where to change...
  2. pablonet

    (Solved) Z97X - Gaming 5 - No sound

    Hi, I installed Mojave. Everything works fine but I can not configure the sound. It only detects two devices that do not reproduce any sound. I attach captures.
  3. weplay00

    Crackling audio and no sound after sleep

    Hey guys I have an almost perfect hackintosh machine up and running, except one thing that is really annoying me. Basically I have and externally powered speaker connected via jack to my computer. When I don't play any sound for a bit the speakers start crackling and popping... like static, a...
  4. 0Mathew0

    Intel HD4600 flickering (but active)

    Hello ! I've a problem with my Asus G550JK (Intel HD4600 and GTX 850M). I've installed Mac OS 10.12 Sierra with Unibeast and complete it with multibeast. PC configuration: I7-4710HQ / IntelHD4600 & GTX 850M / 8Go RAM / WIFI KEY My screen flicker when I log into my session. But when I go into...
  5. Shadowpatriot9

    Audio and Wifi not working in El Capitan

    In the post-installation stage of creating a Hackintosh my laptop, I am unable to acquire sound or internet. I have installed and tried every single kext on this website that I can think of, but nothing. When I am in El Capitan, the OS seems to recognize my audio (Intel HD Audio) card under the...
  6. cbai1993

    Help, can't get Audio to work on my Hackintosh build Sierra 10.12.3

    Hi guys, I've tried a bunch of things, but just can't get my audio to work on my hackintosh. When I go to System Preferences -> Sound -> Output, I see device options listed, for example 'Internal Speakers' type 'built-in'. If I select that, no sound. I plugged in my headphones to the green jack...
  7. dcpro11

    (HELP) Hackintosh for Music Production / El Capitan

    Hi guys, I built an Hackintosh with the following items: - MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon - Intel i7-6700K - Corsair H60 Water Cooler - 16GB RAM Crucial Ballistix Sport - 250GB SSD Samsung Evo 850 - Corsair CS550M 550W No Graphics Card for now! I will buy one later! I followed all the guides...
  8. Antomac88

    Gigabyte Z170-HD3P - No audio

    Hi to all I'm an Italian Boy and this is my first adventure with an Hackintosh :) First and foremost I must thank all the members of this site because thanks to all the guides I managed to get here. I've assembled my hackintosh with the motherboard Gigabyte Z170-HD3P with Realteck 887 audio...
  9. laci021

    (Sierra) (ASROCK H97 Anniversary) (ALC662) no sound.

    Hi, first my specs are : cpu: intel i5 4460 motherboard: asrock h97 anniversary gpu: gigabyte gtx960 ssd:kingston 250 gb ssd - currently windows hd: wd 1tb blue - linux partition and data for windows I followed the sierra guide and have no sound. I tried a few methods but with no luck. Any...
  10. laci021

    Sierra installed by the book, cant boot without usb, and no sound

    Hi so i have followed the guide installing 10.12, the results were no clover without usb, and no sound.. after hours of trying and eve reinstalling twice, I tried to fix the audio with this guide https://www.******.com/r/hackintosh/comments/4sil5p/audio_mechanic_old_patchfix_removal_applealc/...
  11. Pedram.D

    Audio output is available but no sound

    Hi every one. I've installed Mac OS Sierra , everything is fine. but I have no sound. my mobo is GIGABIYTE UD3 with ALC1150 audio chipset. I installed alc1150 with hdmi4000 and 100 series drivers from multibeast 9.0.1. after restart I can select audio output device. listed as - internal...
  12. PicardsEnkel2

    ALC892 no output devices after Sierra Upgrade

    Hello all, I just did the upgrade for my Gigabyte h87n-wifi setup from 10.11.6 to 10.12.1 using the wonderful guides on this site. Everything just works as expected, except for one thing. I got left with no sound, with the system settings panel for sound showing no output devices whatsoever...
  13. zeldaxpro

    [solved] No Sound HP 4540s El Capitan Please Help

    Hello, I followed the guide to installing El Capitan step by step and everything works fine except audio. I followed RehabMan's guide. I also followed this: "Audio: After installing new/updated kexts or after the initial installation, you may lose audio. To fix: - reboot without caches (hit...
  14. guillegomez

    --- No Sound After El Capitan Update - HP Probook 4540s ---

    Someone finally has sound on HP Probook 4540s after El Capitan Update? Please detail how you did. Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok. I found the solution: Here is the procedure: 1. Copy AppleHDAIDT.kext to...
  15. vlinus

    ASUS UX501VW ALC668 issues

    All, Several issues I met with ALC668 after install OSX10.11.6 (without CC): 1. After cold start, speaker is working good, but headphone is working with high noise and Mic not working. 2. Then try sleep and wake up, all the speaker/headphone/Mic not working. 3. After restart from...
  16. RockLee

    Trying to reinstall OSX El Capitan to Restore native AppleHDA.kext

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to restore my AppleHDA.kext but when I go to reinstall my OS X El Capitan, a couple message pops up saying: 1. "To download and restore OS X, your computer's eligibility will be verified with Apple" *clicks OK 2. "Could not find installation information for this...
  17. RockLee

    Error: no IOReg/HDEF; BIOS/audio/disabled or ACPI problem (No sound)

    Audio - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide] No Sound - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide] No Audio Devices - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide]
  18. bokisis

    El Capitan no sound (1150)?

    Hey guys I just built my first El Capitan Hackintosh, but I have no sound. After installing El Capitan I ran MultiBeast and chose the correct audio codec (1150), but even after rebooting I had no sound. In Sound Preferences there's no sound devices (even with my headphones or speakers plugged...
  19. waspenatorJR

    Keyboard, touchpad and sound not working

    So I have this early 2008 macbook that I plan on giving to my brother but it only supports lion and it's almost out of date. I tried to install el capitan but when I get to the GUI the keyboard, touchpad and sound don't work. Do any of you know what I could do to fix this besides plugging in...
  20. Rompicollo

    Rampage IV extreme No sound on yosemite

    Hi all, I've just installed Yosemite and after post-installation with Multibeast 7.5, I have no sound after reboot and I already tested old Multibeast versions, rebuild cache..etc In chimera plist, I use : ncpi=0x2000 dart=0 -f If I don't boot with -f, I get stuck at this line on the boot...