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  1. ainal

    [solved] AppleALC not devices founding

    Hi all my pc laptop i7 4710MQ 8GB RAM ALC892 Audio HM87 İ try AppleALC for audio not devices founding. İf i try VoodooHDA speakers working but headphones not working i think i must use AppleALC How can i fix my AppleALC problem My Logs:
  2. N1k1

    ALC892 on Mojave 10.14 not working - no device

    Hi folks, I just updated to 10.14 and got a "no output devices found" under the sound panel with the settings app. I'm on a GA-Z170-X with ALC892 audio chipset. Attached is my current clover plist config file. Thx P.S. It works with VoodooHDA-2.9.0-Clover-V12
  3. weplay00

    Audio stopped working - No devices

    Hi everyone, last day while I was trying to fix a small audio problem that my hackintosh had I ended up screwing everything. My audio does not work anymore. It says that no devices are connected. I always used the alc command v1.30 to fix all of my audio problems but now when I use it, it says...
  4. Cryptoconomy

    Literally cannot read the "Guide," No audio devices, ALC1150, OSX 10.11.4 (probably easy fix, please

    I ran Multibeast after install and everything is working except the audio. I'm getting crazy frustrated because literally everything I read for options has like 6 steps missing. I installed through Multibeast the 1150 drivers to no avail and it appears the guide wants me to uninstall it. It...