no boot

  1. parkerda

    Cant even get to installer!

    Alright. so i've been trying this on a bunch of laptops and all or them have worked (except one) when installing. but thats not my problem. My problem is that I CAN NOT get past the Clover bootloader. Safe Mode doesn't work (error, exiting in 10 seconds). and when I'm not using safe...
  2. jalenjay

    Help I changed from iMac 14,2 to Mac pro

    I installed mac on my mackintosh and everything was working great. I restarted and it booted quickly. Then, when I downloaded multibeast, I changed the system from iMac 14,2 to Mac Pro. When I restarted the computer would no longer boot to El Capitan. It get to a black screen with white apple...
  3. jerpalmer

    The hackintosh with Yosemite was working well.

    My hackingtosh was working well.But when I tried to start up this evening it jumped the boot screen and would not load.can anybody please help?:banghead:
  4. kuzmantito

    Having trouble with my build

    After a week of running well, other than the lack of audio, I am unable to boot up and the last screen I get to is the loading black bar at the end before the OSX prompts your for user and password. Here is my current build, any help is appreciated, this is my first build: Gigabyte Black Edition...
  5. flat0ut

    EVGA Geforce GTX 980 Ti -> Black Screen on Boot

    Hey guys, Grabbed a 980 Ti the other day and it's a beauty in Windows. I'm not able to get it to load into Yosemite (10.10.3) without using nv_disable=1 flag. The system will begin to load, and then the monitor will shut off. I've gone through the 'Solving NVIDIA driver install...
  6. eye4aneye

    Not booting, can't get past apple logo

    Hi everyone, having some issues with my hackintosh: Mobo: gigabyte Z97N-Wifi CPU: Core i7-4790 Memory: Crucial Ballistix 16GB SSD: Crucial M500 240GB Power: Crosair CS550M (I'm booting it without a graphics card installed) I have managed to install Mavericks on to the SSD but it wont boot. I...
  7. Psychdk

    No boot after using Multibeast in any installations. Help I am about to give up.

    No boot after using Multibeast in any installations. Help I am about to give up. Hvad is wrong her? I started installing Snow leopard, and i could only boot into Mac OS X by using the dvd, then i said to my self after installing Snow leopard many many times: Ok maybe Snow leopard dont work så...
  8. KushKrime

    Black Screen/No Boot after SSDT Install

    As the title mentions, I've been having trouble booting up my system after installing an SSDT, but before I go into detail, a little information about my setup: Bootloader: Clover 3113 on OS 10.10.1 SMBIOS: Macmini6,2 MB: Z77X-UD5H (BIOS F14) CPU: i7-3770K GPU: Powercolor R9 280X So...
  9. cretans

    GA-EP41-UD3L unibeast installation issues white screen

    Hi, I'm trying to update in Yosemite but I get stuck on white screen with progressing bar not so progressing! I left for more than 10 minutes but nothing happened there is no usb or hdd activity. I booted with -v -f GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1, any suggestions?
  10. juan

    No display on boot, Fan spins, DVD drive door opens

    I have delicately put together and taken apart the Customac Mini three times in the last 24 hours. No display to my TV monitor (HDMI to HDMI cable). My Customac Mini Build: * Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H87N-WIFI * PCU: Intel i3-4360 * Cooler: Thermaltake Slim X-3 * RAM: Ballistic 8 GB...
  11. harrygigabyte

    Mavericks not booting without -x

    Hi im new to this so sorry in advance for any mistakes i make. My system is a new build and i wasn't able to boot into the installer without using the boot flag -x and i it worked. Now that everything is done i still can't boot without using -x .... i tried to see how long it takes to boot up...
  12. MysticalOS

    Z7 Gigabyte OC-Force unable to boot with 4790K

    [SOLVED] Z87 Gigabyte OC-Force unable to boot with 4790K EDIT SOLVED. was VT/d, doh. I thought i had disabled everything but forgot they stick that in a different area from rest of cpu options. I had a working build up until today, when i pulled 4770K out of system and replaced it with a...
  13. jusjoe99

    Lion wont boot, “You Need to restart your computer." error.

    When ever i try to boot my system(HP EliteBook 8730w) i get the "You Need to restart your computer." error. I was able to install lion, and then boot it once to install the kexts via MultiBeast and now it is un able to boot. This is my second try and i keep on receiving the same error. I did...
  14. austenrockz

    Help new mackintosh doesn't boot no bios no post beep

    Ok so I've got quite a problem i put my hackintosh to sleep last night and left it like that overnight when i tried to login in the morning i noticed that i was not responding to me clicking so i restarted with the power button. And now when you turn it on theres no post beep and no bios being...
  15. gnpma100

    Post Install Problem GA-Z87X-OC GTX760 + SSD ScanDiskExtreme

    I Installed Mountain Lion (clean system) and the installation process returned success, however I am not able to boot the machine after that, rebooting shows only the white screen with the logo. I am new with this, however pretty familiar with linux. The END of the install log: but can not...
  16. DigiDan

    Can't boot after SuperDuper restore, can chimera be recovered?

    Hello! Forgive me if the answer to this should be obvious, but while I've used Macs for decades, i'm quite new at the Hackintosh scene. I have a hackintosh running 10.9.1, specs below. It's basically based on one of the 2013 Ivy Bridge golden builds, and was installed using the...
  17. Brutzler182

    Mountain Lion gets stuck on Whitescreen with Cursor

    After one and half year without any troubles my Hackintosh doesn't want to boot anymore. I searched the forum, but i couldn't find any solution. I didn't install any updates or anything. When I start the machine it freezes on this screen. I cannot move the cursor but the wheel keeps spinning...
  18. JorgeMDQ

    GA-Z77X-UD3H do not Boot after running Multibeast

    Hi! After installing Mavericks 10.9 on my hackintosh -which is running OSX 10.8.4 on another HD- (I mean did not change any BIOS settings) I try to boot Mavericks but a serie of boot 0 and so on appears. Of course after running Multibeast with some alternatives made on it. I can boot from my...
  19. DrewApplegate

    Cant Boot from ssd

    I cant boot from the ssd after doing all multibeast settings. i am trying to dualboot so chimera gives me two options the mac partition and the windows partition but when i click the mac partition it goes to a black screen immediately. WHAT SHOULD I DO?????
  20. Fwank49

    Ethernet Not Working

    I just got the final parts for my first hackintosh, and when I installed, ethernet was working but now it isn't, also it won't boot into non-safe mode, just the apple logo with the spinning circle under it. HELP!:banghead: (P.S. If this is the wrong place for this please move it.)