no boot

  1. JPeezy002

    Can only boot up in Safe Mode

    Hey there folks. I'm an absolute beginner at this stuff. I built my Hack with Yosemite and it works flawlessly. Now I'm trying to upgrade (ideally to High Sierra, but started with El Cap), and I'm completely lost. I followed all the directions to install El Cap, but not the only way to boot...
  2. mpvescio

    No boot after audio install

    Hackintosh worked pretty clean on first install. No video playback or audio devices (though bluetooth audio worked fine). I installed audio_CloverALC from Toleda since my Gigabyte Z370 UG has the 1220 figured this would be the best way to get this installed. Followed steps for 'Clover Patched...
  3. kevdechef

    I need help with the installation

    I need help, what is the problem? IMG_20180222_213808 by kevdechef posted Feb 22, 2018 at 9:53 PM IMG_20180222_213756 by kevdechef posted Feb 22, 2018 at 9:53 PM Gigabyte z370n wifi Intel i3 8100
  4. Texangeek

    System id for High Sierra

    My Skylake system ran successfully using an iMac17,1 identifier After update to High Sierra I noted that iMessage was not working. I therefore modified my config.plist to reflect parameters that I used in making iMessage work on Sierra. This included changing the iMac14,2 definition that I had...
  5. austin111

    Stuck at reloading error: exited at abnormal code: 1

    So I've see a lot of other people's threads about this same problem. I first edition booted up my os fine for the first time with my gt 1030 grpahics card. Apparently it doesn't support 4k the way I thought I would but my onboard Intel gpu works just fine. So I tried to reinstall Sierra from the...
  6. Riccardohillbreve

    hackintosh compatibility

    hi guys do you know if my configuration is compatible with hackintosh? cpu intel core i3 7100 gpu zotac geforce gtx 1050ti mini motherboard msi b250m pro vd
  7. ferchichibaha

    Sierra ! black screen with blinking underscore ! i cant boot!

    I used legacy and UEFI with UniBeast.I think my board doesn't support UEFI! I tried all! I installed with clover .... Did many things! I did all BIOS modifications... but still black screen with blinking underscore plz help : Intel Core i7-4720HQ 8 GB Memory Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M
  8. TheMightyGamer7

    [Solved] It just won't work (Asus Maximus IX Hero, i7 7700K, GTX 1080TI Hackintosh)

    Hello guys. Thank you for looking at my post. I am new here and also new the Hackintosh world. My adventure begins after I built my new PC. I installed windows and wanted to dual boot Mac OS Sierra. So I downloaded 10.12.6 from the app store, installed clover bootloader, and made a USB of Mac...
  9. Yrrwicht

    Dualboot problems..

    Hey, a few days ago i built my first customac.. well, i successfully installed Sierra on my Windows machine. The install went smooth and i was playing around a bit, but after some time i had to use windows again to work. I installed OS X on a different drive, so i was confident that i can simply...
  10. tristin12345

    [Solved] Z170X-UD5, i7 6700, gtx 1050 ti gaming

    I am having some major issues getting OSX to boot after using multibeast and an installation following the recommended installation exactly... Here's where it gets weird. Installation goes perfect and it boots up perfectly using clover on USB, other than no graphics, no sound, no ethernet...
  11. HappyDuck13

    ASUS X99 gIOScreenLockState Error

    Hi all, I was upgrading my Asus X99 build with the 5820k and an Nvidia 960 GPU. I had it booting to Yosemite and I got it booting into Sierra, but when trying to get bluetooth working I had to reset everything. Now when I try re-installing using the same guide I am running into this error when...
  12. hlehofer

    [SOLVED] Screen becomes black in the middle of the boot sequence

    Hello, after switching graphics from AMD to Nvidia, I decided to make a clean new install (Sierra 10.12.3) on a new SSD. I followed the 'official' guide, everything went fine (besides one issue for which I'll create a separate thread) until the first reboot (after Multibeast was used and the...
  13. Napili9


    I am literally at my end and am about to give up. I could not solve any of my gpu issues so I decided to do another clean install. Followed everything step by step and everything seemed to be going great, however... Once I finished booting and installing from my USB and tried to boot from my HFS...
  14. t3kgamer

    Weird Errors on S5520HC (Sierra Unibeast 7)

    Hello if I've posted in the wrong forum sorry! So I have a weird issue I built myself a dual xeon system based on the intel s5520hc server board and when trying to boot the installer from clover I get some errors console relocated to 0xb2000000 [ PCI configuration end, bridges 9, devices 34 ]...
  15. gg07

    Dell Precision 5510 (Almost same as xps 15 9550) Corrupts disk

    After a few restarts my disk gets corrupted which is very strange because that's a brand new laptop. I ran dell's diagnostics too but shows no problem. I reinstalled the system twice now but it keeps failing. I noticed though that when it worked, it had problem installing the java sdk. And after...
  16. ApolloDX

    R9 390X No Boot

    Hey so I just got my R9 390X, and it will not boot. I have only got it to boot once with 7mb of VRAM. Other times it either goes blank or my system goes into a reboot loop. These outcomes were all using different ids. Everything works fine with the IGPU. My system is i7 6700K R9 390X Devil MSI...
  17. jorgevaldespino

    No Boot without nv_disable=1

    Well, that's the thing i can't boot successfully without the flag nv_disable=1 I already try nvda_drv=1 and the new NvidiaWeb Flag but no one can help, if use them get an apple screen stuck at half. I know my GPU is a little old, but hope some support. Please help
  18. TonnyG95

    El Capitan affter installation not booting

    Hey guys i have new problem with my hackintosh i install os x El Capitan with no problem but problems starts affter installation my problem is affter installation i can't boot in os on apple screen computer restarts or i get kernel panic screen i don't know why...i watch on the internet and i...
  19. AndrewJames

    Machine will turn on but will not display to monitor. Not sure what's going on. Any help appreciated

    This is my first time building a Hackintosh. So let me explain the situation as best I can with the limited Hackintosh lingo I possess. (background info - non essential to the issue but may hold some value) I have successfully installed El Capitan onto my computer with relative ease. However...
  20. inbou

    Unable to Boot, Jibberish after missing Bluetooth with -v

    Trying to boot into MAC OSX I tried to both Yosemiti and El Capitan, getting similar issues. attached is a photo of what happens when i add -v. Without -v you just see the prohibited sign. I have tried follow a steps in here but nothing changes...