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  1. MacWINtosh

    GA Z77 DS3H - no audio help!!!

    A few days ago i build my new hackintosh system. Everything worked fine except of audio. I installed the right drivers in MultiBeast (without DSDT -> ALC887/ALC888b) but it wont work, i dont know why. i already had worked but i opened audio in system preferences and whoops, audio didnt work...
  2. 1Medic

    No Audio after update and install of multibeast

    Hey Friend of mine made this mac for me and now i've been running into little snags. He is unable to help me with my problem due to a new baby wondering if anyone can help me figure out why I don't have audio after I updated my OS and then updated the audio drivers with multibeast. I did not...
  3. jtbacct

    2013 CustoMac Budget ATX Build -- Clean install OSX 10.8.4, NO AUDIO

    Please excuse (and correct) any Noob mistakes... First Hackintosh build As described I completed the build and have attempted numerous suggestions with regard to addressing the NO audio issue. Any help would be appreciated. BUILD - GA-Z77-DS3H BIOS (F9), Version 1.1 - Using onboard DVI...
  4. mball1993

    ALC662 Problem (ML 10.8.3)

    I have recently installed Mountain Lion 10.8.3 on my Asrock H61M-VS DSDT Free but have got everything working apart from the audio (ALC662) Strangely enough, in System Report it says I have Intel High Definition Audio installed which obviously does not work. Is there a kext I don't know about...
  5. appu777

    INtel WX58BP no audio !!

    I have intel workstation mother board WX58BP with i7 3.6 ghz processor Graphics card Nvidia gtx 480 16 gb ram . I have issue with sound . After installing mountain lion. I cant hear songs. Please help me ! can't even select output or input device please help me guys !!:banghead::banghead:
  6. Warrenamico

    No audio on Intel Desktop Board DH61WW with Mountain Lion OS X 10.8

    No audio on Intel Desktop Board DH61WW with Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 Can You help me? my motherboard is Intel Desktop Board DH61WW,with processor Intel Core i3-2105 Processor (3M Cache, 3.10 GHz)and video card NVIDIA GPU NGT520C-2GQK-F (V1.0) It only boots with PCIRootUID=0...
  7. wimpy10

    no Audio 10.8.2 sabretooth x79

    Hello, has anyone got their audio working on a sabretooth x79 10.8.2 with 2104 bios? can you upload your audio kext here? your help is much appreciated. thanks1
  8. MyPalSteve

    No Audio, "No Output Devices Found", after fresh install 10.7.5 GA X58A-UD3R ALC 889

    I haven't had audio since upgrading to MacOS 10.7.5. I installed 10.7.4 via UniBeast, then updated to 10.7.5 and ran MB with a custom DSDT.aml created with DSDT Editor. I have tried several different kext configurations for ALC 889, but still no audio.
  9. Dnk_Productions

    No optical audio after 10.8.2 update on GA-H61N-USB3

    Other users have fixed the no audio issue by simply rerunning MB 5.0.2 and installing the ALC889 ktext again; this solution did NOT work for me and I am still audioless. I have tried to make sense of the Realtek AppleHDA fourm but it is currently above my paygrade; it is in alpha anyway, and...
  10. JustinisaLai

    Stuck at Apple Logo after installing

    Hello guys, I've been having a lot of trouble with my Hackintosh. Motherboard: Gigabyte H67Md2B3 OS: Lion 10.7.5 So here's the problem: 1) Updated to 10.7.5 via Software Update 2) Everything was fine except for Audio 3) Tried Multibeast 4.6.1 to reinstall Apple HDA Rollback and...
  11. vintec

    Still no audio after installing Alpha HDA

    Hi again Toleda, Zotac H77, ALC892 Here's my previous thread FYI I have attempted to install the alpha HDA to no avail. These are the steps I've taken: 1. DSDT/HDEF...
  12. PigBoT

    Post install - No video - Mountain Lion

    Post install - No video [FIXED] - No audio - Mountain Lion (I previously had Snow Leopard. Reviving the Hackintosh. I used to have a clue and contributed to the community.) So I've followed the guide on the home page. Everything was going smoothly... Installed ML. Rebooted, loaded into ML...
  13. vintec

    Help: No audio after restarting from MultiBeast 5.0.2 installation

    Help: No audio with UseKernelCache=Yes **Updated 22 Aug 2012** No audio with UseKernelCache=Yes Tried editing title to reflect the current situation but it wouldn't update. Short summary if you're not following the thread from start to end: 1. No audio after UniBeast 2. Working audio after...