no audio

  1. cbai1993

    Help, can't get Audio to work on my Hackintosh build Sierra 10.12.3

    Hi guys, I've tried a bunch of things, but just can't get my audio to work on my hackintosh. When I go to System Preferences -> Sound -> Output, I see device options listed, for example 'Internal Speakers' type 'built-in'. If I select that, no sound. I plugged in my headphones to the green jack...
  2. tkan

    No Audio after 10.12.6 update - Z270x ALC1220

    I recently upgraded my OS to 10.12.6 and now the only audio I have is through HDMI. I removed all old audio codecs and reinstalled both with Clover and with Multibeast separately. My system recognizes 2 line out, headphone jack, and digital out, but I don't get any audio when speakers are...
  3. brandon.lane6

    Audio after sleep with appleALC and Realtek1150

    Hi there Im not getting any audio out of only the rear(green). audio jack after sleep. The headphone jack, HDMI audio and digital out all work after sleep. Originally I was using toledas CloverALC script for Realtek audio until it stopped working when installing other kexts. Now, when using...
  4. Jonas.sp

    Audio on MSI Z150A Krait Gaming X3 (ALC1150)

    Hello, at first sorry for my bad English because I am from Germany. My Problem is that I have no Audio. I have no Problems with Ethernet or Graphics that all works fine apart from Audio. I've tried so many solutions but nothing helped me. (From MultiBeast install to VoodoHDA I tried all) In...
  5. Campanis

    Hackintosh No sound. No input/output devices found

    everything is up and running except for sound. I am using a non compatible SSD, Samsung 960 PRO I got it recognized buy using this patch and this kext: IONVMeFamily.kext No matter what I...
  6. tolekk

    No audio device detected (ALC892)

    Hello, yesterday I (again) tried setting up Sierra on my Skylake computer, after a few hiccups I managed to get everything to work... Except for audio. Last time I got audio to work by setting up VoodooHDA, but now it doesn't work. I tried reading toleda's guides, but they're written in some...
  7. JoseValenciaGomez

    First Build! > MSI H81M-E33 | Intel Core i7 4770 | Sapphire R9-270X

    My First Build: MSI H81M-E33 - Intel Core i7 4770 - Sapphire R9-270X Components MicroATX Computer Case with 400W Motherboard MSI H81M-E33...
  8. MrAlexander

    Tried everything Nom Audio Input or Output

    Hi I apologise for what is probably a similar repost but I have tried so many solutions to no avail I have no audio detected. I am using a h170 gaming 3 motherboard ( which has inbuilt alc1150 which is the audio option I chose on...
  9. oluismoreira

    6700k Asus z170-pro d3 - Audio Not Working After CUDA

    Hi guys, I'm a happy owner of a Hackintosh for one year now and I'm trying to install Mac OS on a friend's computer. The specs aren't the same and that's the issue. (I've added the config.plist file to this post) The build: -6700k -Asus z170-pro d3 -Asus GTX 980Ti -Gskill 32GB ram (4x8GB)...
  10. wez733

    ALC668 only works after a hard restart

    I have installed MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 on my Asus UX501JW. I'm using Clover 4035 as bootloader. Everything works fine except that it only has sound after a hard restart, which means, to normally boot into MacOS and then force shutdown. Both the internal speaker and the headphone only work after...
  11. mudum

    [SOLVED] no audio GA Z97 HD3

    Ok so i have installed sierra on my secondary HDD, which i installed at first with a SATA to usb cable since the bootable usb installer can't detect it in the first place. There is audio on my windows btw, and everything is fine because of multibeast other than audio. I ran the dcip software...
  12. andonimoustakas

    Just installed Sierra and I cant load videos or audio

    I just installed sierra and videos from youtube wont play nor do I get audio from Spotify or soundcloud. I am a big time noob any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Pedram.D

    Audio output is available but no sound

    Hi every one. I've installed Mac OS Sierra , everything is fine. but I have no sound. my mobo is GIGABIYTE UD3 with ALC1150 audio chipset. I installed alc1150 with hdmi4000 and 100 series drivers from multibeast 9.0.1. after restart I can select audio output device. listed as - internal...
  14. Spark233

    No Audio, No Codec id on DCPI Manager , and don't know to do...

    Hi. I was able to install mac os x the captain on my laptop and everything works correctly (except for wifi and card reader but it does not matter) but the only problem I have is that I have no audio and I tried everything method that my pc is Hp ac109la Core i3 5005u Intel hd 5500 And my Apple...
  15. BroncoBilli

    Lenovo W530 on Sierra

    let's get this over with: when it comes to Clover & hackintoshing, I'm a total n00b. However, I work at MS, and I'm a pretty savvy dev, so I'm up to speed on hacking around in general. I just started looking into tonymac & clover today, and on a whim, followed the very basic instructions for...
  16. Stevelord1991

    No Audio ALC (already try guide)

    hello, I've finished my hack. Everything works good but no Audio device is find. I've already try with the guide in this forum but nothing work. I've install voodooHDA but when I try to launch it goes in an error No VoodooHDA Devices Detected. can anybody help me? my configuration: - i5 6500...
  17. angardi2012

    No Audio Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P

    Hello, I'm trying to install audio codecs on my hackintosh with no success. I've tried using MultiBeast codecs and all possible methods in this page and this page. I'm currently running macOS Sierra 10.12.1
  18. mzmuda33

    Sierra on GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z170N-Gaming 5

    Hi All, I have a new build I am trying to get running well. My System: OS: Sierra 10.12.1 Clover as bootloader Motherboard: GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 V1.0 CPU: Intel Core i5-6600k Memory: Crucial Ballistic Sport LT 16GB Samsung 850 Evo Series 250GB Using only onboard video BIOS...
  19. ProjectSunstream

    No ALC1150 Audio - Z170A MSI Gaming Pro Carbon

    Hi there It's quite impossible for me to get audio working on my newly built Hackintosh. Build's the following: - Z170A MSI Gaming Pro Carbon - Intel Core i7 6700K - 16GB DDR4 2400 Corsair Vengeance - Asus Nvidia GTX 780 3GB - TP-Link Archer T9E 1900Mbit AC PCIe WLAN adapter Everything seems...
  20. davides98

    No audio Sierra

    I selected from multibeast in the audio category alc1150 hd 530 100 series. The computer recognizes the external speakers but if you start music plays an annoying noise. How can I solve this problem?