1. ii.nferno

    Does It Exist? NGFF/M2 Extension Cable for Airport Card Adapter

    Hi All, Question: Does anyone know of a cable extension/adapter from a NGFF or M2 slot that takes the Apple Airport card away from the motherboard, so it can be fitted in a part of your laptop where there is more space? Problem: I've successfully fitted a NGFF adapter in my Thinkpad X270 to...
  2. fourinthemorning

    Wi-Fi Adapter?

    Hello! So I recently bought the BCM94360CS2 card, along with an NGFF M.2 adapter, only to find out that my motherboard doesn't have the same M.2 slot. :( What's the best way to proceed in this case? Buy an NGFF to NVME/PCIe adapter? Are there any BCM94360CS2 to NVME adapters? PCIe? What can I...
  3. asleb

    BCM94350ZAE/DW1820A only 802.11n wifi and no bluetooth devices

    I am sorry if I post this in the wrong section as I see most M.2 Wifi cards are discussed in the laptop sections. Here is my build: - ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Professional Gaming - Intel i7-8700k Coffee Lake - ASUS Radeon RX 580 8GB ROG Strix Gaming - 32 GB DDR4 2666MHz This motherboard has the...
  4. Ludacrisvp

    Rebranding NGFF M.2 Broadcom WLAN to bypass whitelist

    Hey I'm hoping someone here knows a way to do this... So I've got the following Broadcom card in my thinkpad T440s and attempting to boot with it installed leaves me with the unauthorized network card halt during POST preventing me from using it. BCM94352Z NGFF M.2 WiFi WLAN Bluetooth 4.0...