new to hackintosh

  1. javjinos

    New Builder- Photo & Video editing

    Good morning guys. I'm new to this sport so i would appreciate your help here. I owe an iMac late 2009 and that was my partner in photo editing and lately video editing as well. Unfortunately , GPU crashed so i decided to go to HoS. The problem is that i haven't done this before (building a...
  2. Zuma2006

    macOS High Sierra Installer rebooting before finished

    Hi everyone! I recently built a pc and wanted to install Mac os on it. I followed the steps and got to the screen that asks you what drive You want to install Mac os high sierra on. I selected my drive that I formatted earlier. It then proceeded to install. It then got about 1/4 of the way...
  3. OscarL

    First build - Tips?

    Hey guys! I'm looking to build a hackintosh for macOS Sierra. I've put together a shopping list, but as this is my first build, i'm a little worried about things. If you have any tips, tricks or thoughts please feel free to share them! These are the components I've chosen, and I believe all of...
  4. vikkeys

    New to Hackintosh Need Help Where to Start

    hi, im new to hackintosh & have no idea where i should start. Which version to start or whats the most easiest way to install on 2nd internal hard drive partition. Tried installing Yosemite with bootable USB but after installation didnt restart. Have no idea whats wrong & there isnt enough...