1. Atomicron2000

    [SOLVED] Some web sites don't work.

    Hi, I have a little problem with my Hackintosh. Some Web Sites like and don't work. What can I do?
  2. ebeton

    No Ethernet after Mojave upgrade

    I seem to have lost all network connectivity after upgrading to Mojave. The network cable is plugged in and there is a green and yellow LED lit on either side of the socket, but when you go into Network and select Ethernet, it says Status: Cable Unplugged. Going into System Information, under...
  3. garybloublou

    Weird Wifi issue after Mojave installation

    Hi, I just upgraded to Mojave from El Capitan, and everything is working great (even better than before), except my Wifi, it's working, but he only finds 2 or 3 networks (and not mine). When in reality, there's approximatey 12 other Wifi networks showing up on my genuine macbook pro (with...
  4. MineSwage

    Wifi/Ethernet not working on laptop

    i just instald sierra on my laptop but when i try to connect to the internet by cabel it just keeps saying that there is no cable and wifi is not iven in the network list i alredy shartcht a lot but white no luck (keep in mind i am a total noob white apple) wifi and ethernet work on windows 10
  5. daywalker12

    ASUS BT-400 Problem

    Hey, I've just bought ASUS BT-400 (Broadcam BCM20702A0) (system ver.: 10.13.6) and I encountered strange bahavior. I see it in system report just fine under bluetooth and USB. When I turn it ON i can see my OnePlus 5 but it does't see my Sennheiser Headphones or JBL Flip 3 (BT speaker), so I...
  6. mweixelbaum

    Ethernet Issues H370N

    Hi everyone. After an install I seem to have everything (audio, graphics, etc.) working on my hackintosh except for Ethernet. From previous threads here I found my motherboard (Gigabyte H370N) needs IntelMausi drivers. I have gone through MultiBeast and installed the latest one. However, when I...
  7. patana93

    Network Card Choice

    Hello everyone! I'm a new owner of an hackintosh. The configuration is: Motherboard: AsRock z170 pro gaming i7 Ram: 64GB GSKILL GPU: MSI GTX970 Processor: Intel i7 6700K I'm looking for a good network card, i tried to see the buyer's guide but the some link (for italy) shows different cards...
  8. aflahkp

    Dual booting Hackintosh with ubuntu causes Internet connectivity issues in Ubuntu

    Guys. I have installed macOS High Sierra in a Gigabyte GT1 based i3 Desktop. For getting ethernet working I installed lspci and Hackintosh Network Solution pkg in macOS. Now ethernet is working fine in macOS. But when is switch back to Ubuntu(Its dual boot), Ubuntu can connect to network, but...
  9. rishabh7

    TP-Link TL-WN781ND v3 on High Sierra

    Hi, I just bought a new Wifi card, TP-Link TL-WN781ND (version 3), for my hackintosh, however I'm not able to find any Kexts for the Version3 of this card. I tried installing the kexts for V2, by using kextsutility however, that didn't seem to work, the OS network options doesn't even have...
  10. krachbumms

    TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 N900 not working

    Hi, I have an existing 10.13.5 installation. Just bought an TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 N900 and can't seem to get get it to work. The card def. worked, checked it with a windows installation. Has anyone else ran into this problem? Do I have to reset some settings? Thanks, Markus
  11. Junaid6305

    Can’t get Multibeast configuration

    I’m running an intel i5 4460 on a Gigabyte H97M-D3h with 8GB of ram. Every time I go through the Multibeast process the system either goes into a reboot loop or turns back on with even more problems than it started off with. I’m using integrated graphics, as far as I know Apple natively supprts...

    Ethernet network unresponsive after computer sleeps

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and has been able to solve it. Basically my internet works fine while my computer is in use and even when the display turns off I can return and my ethernet will work fine. It's when my computer fully goes to sleep that my internet...
  13. 4realleb

    [FIX] Fixing the dreaded "Self-Assigned IP Address" Error

    So, after two days of really messing with things, I've managed to come up with a comprehensive set of steps that may allow anyone experiencing the "Self-Assigned IP Address" problem to overcome it. A. Kext/Driver Related Issues This can be tricky, but is your most likely cause. The most...
  14. Matty89808

    WG311T Chipset On Sierra

    Hi, i have just started with hackintoshes and ive installed a network pci card into my system. It is not detected in the device list in system report and its not showing in the network preferences. I am using a Netgear WG311T by the way.
  15. Myron-1998-18

    Wifi Connected but can not connect to server

    In the beginning the wifi card worked just fine and right out of the box. But now it suddenly can not connect to the internet. Not even Ethernet is working. some setting must have been tampered with because internet was working fine both wifi and ethernet and now none of them work. The Wifi card...
  16. kavlos

    Some hardware not detected in windows

    I have successfully installed windows on a second ssd and mac os has been running just fine on another ssd. The problem is that some hardware in windows are not detected. For instance the mobo network card and therefore no internet in windows. In mac it works just fine. Any ideas?
  17. knickfan6

    Connected to the WiFi But Wesbites Won't Load

    Hey, first post everyone! Installed High Sierra on my Asus Vivobook F510UA. Using a realtek rtl8811au usb adapter. Installed the driver just fine. I'm seemingly connected to wifi (green bars visible and can see other computers in my network) but chrome/safari/appstore are offline - view me as...
  18. aldhistinct

    [solved] Kext signature validation error code -67030

    First. I know that Atheros AR9584 Wi-Fi cards known not to work with hackintosh Second. I disabled SIP and csrutil status resulted as System Integrity Protection status: disabled. Third.I want to know deeper about this problems. Sierra 10.12.2 (Clover) Some extensions in my Sytem Information...
  19. rwwilkinson

    Ethernet not recognized. WiFi works fine.

    Hi all, I'm having an issue where High Sierra isn't recognizing my ethernet. However, my WiFi card is working fine. It would be much preferred to be using ethernet though. Any ideas? I have an MSI Z270 Gaming M3 motherboard, and I installed VooDooHDA as the kext. Thanks for the help!
  20. aedan929

    How Can I Connect Ethernet Before Installation?

    Hi All! With macOS update High Sierra 10.13.3 it seems like a lot of people are having an issue with the error “Could Not Connect To Reocvery Server”, I am one of them. I am using a Dell Optiplex 780 with a Core 2 Quad, and an XFX Radeon 5450. I am willing to remove the GPU since I don’t really...