network card

  1. ninjamoby

    Sierra z68x-ud3h-b3 No Ethernet Detected (10.12.6)

    Having the problem with ethernet not registering as en0 in order to access App Store. It used to work, but somewhere along the line WiFi became en0 so things needed to be fixed. I've followed the instructions to remove the network devices SysPrefs->Network, delete networkinterfaces.plist...
  2. Wildcatsgalore

    TP-Link Archer T4E (AC1200) - not regonised by High Sierra

    Hi all, after taking a look at the Buyer's Guide and the Forum, I purchased a TP-Link Archer T4E PCIe Wi-Fi card, based on the fact that the card should 'plug and play' and seems to be generally supported. I installed it onto the Motherboard, and checked it was detected using the MSI...
  3. Antomac88

    << Solved >> Finally help to complete my hack

    Hi guys finally I could also upgrade my hack to Mojave :clap::headbang: Thanks to the site's guide I do everything at the first shot!! The things I still need to solve are minor problems with the drivers for my network card: TP-Link TL-WDN4800 - since I still can't connect to the internet...
  4. MohamedHussain

    Intel(R) Wireless 3160-AC for macOS

    I have been using Hackintosh since I got my new laptop and till this day, I'm trying to make AppleIntelWiFiMVM work with my wifi card. I knew very little about Hackintosh before. But now I'm very curious if the kext works with my Wifi card or not. Today I checked Aaron Mulder's(@ammulder) GitHub...
  5. patana93

    Network Card Choice

    Hello everyone! I'm a new owner of an hackintosh. The configuration is: Motherboard: AsRock z170 pro gaming i7 Ram: 64GB GSKILL GPU: MSI GTX970 Processor: Intel i7 6700K I'm looking for a good network card, i tried to see the buyer's guide but the some link (for italy) shows different cards...
  6. aldhistinct

    [solved] Kext signature validation error code -67030

    First. I know that Atheros AR9584 Wi-Fi cards known not to work with hackintosh Second. I disabled SIP and csrutil status resulted as System Integrity Protection status: disabled. Third.I want to know deeper about this problems. Sierra 10.12.2 (Clover) Some extensions in my Sytem Information...
  7. rajanpandit

    Network Card Not Working

    I have Core i5 with Intel DH55 TC mother board with 6gb ram 1 tb hd my system was running very smoothly then I update to 10.12.4 updated successfully... but now my Network card is not working I am not able to access internet.. please help I tried realtek driver form multibeast but no success
  8. bkendig

    What ethernet and audio cards work natively with Sierra?

    I have a P7P55D-E Pro Hackintosh running Sierra, but the wired networking is flaky with the 8112L chip on the 8111 driver (see, and I haven't gotten audio working yet. I would like to...
  9. jing009

    will there ever be a nic card application for hackintosh?

    Im not a programmer but it be nice if we all had something like this Run Application NIC Find .....starting search auto finds net card ... cant it find look for it manually ...... please choose vender like intel broadcom etc- please enter model version {model} injects into plist of kext...
  10. gherasima

    Ethernet stops working after few hours

    I installed macos on a new CustoMac Pro. After a few hours the ethernet interface says that "Cable unplugged" and only a reboot helps. Thanks in advance
  11. EverythingIsRed

    [Help] Enabling WiFi for Intel Wireless AC Is this project still active? If so, loading the kext manually for my Intel Wireless AC 3160 card gives me absolutely no output in console.log but creates a wifi.log file that only prints - Tue Oct 11 00:35:56.101 ***Starting Up*** Tue Oct 11...
  12. tadmorguy

    GA-Z77-DS3H - clover El Capitan - ethernet does not work

    Hi, My specs are: GA-Z77-DS3H, GTX 650. Just had a clean install of Eli Capitan with unibeast (Clover).Tried all of the atheros ethernet drivers multibeast offers but none of them works and the ethernet card is not recognised, hence, I do not have lan connection. However, I've noticed a weird...
  13. LionTMHD

    PCIE (Network Card) Driver Problem

    Hi all, I have a problem with my Networking card. I installed the drivers from Multibeast (Realtek RTL81892) and it still doesn't work. [Hope this post is in the correct forum section, if not, sorry about that) Ethernet works brilliantly, super fast! My setup: MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte Z87 HD3...
  14. etanolis

    hp 2570p network card 82579LM problem

    I borrowed hp 2570p from my friend and successfully installed macOSx network cart worked perfect. After that I bought the same hp 2570p with the same 82579LM Gigabit network card but now during installation network card doesn't work and after reboot. How it can be the same laptop the same...
  15. kruddler

    Wifi Stopped Working - TP-LINK TL-WDN4800

    I finished my build about a week ago. Both wifi an Ethernet were working perfectly. So, I moved my computer in to another room and wifi was still working fine. Then, in the last day or so Wifi has stopped working. It seems to find the wireless network fine, but I get either no internet...