network adapter

  1. Keelana

    BCM943602CS Windows 10 Bluetooth works, Wi-Fi doesn't

    I have a BCM943602CS Combo Card for my build. I am trying to get it to work on Windows 10 and have installed the most recent drivers from Boot Camp. The Bluetooth works flawlessly, but the Wi-Fi doesn't. The driver for the Wi-Fi installed and is now shown as "Broadcom 802.11ac Network Adapter"...
  2. theman480

    [solved] Dell Inspiron 5558 Help

    So i finally finished the setup of el capitan on my laptop, everything is working, but i have a strange issue the trackpad, keyboard and mouse only works if i put the essential kexts on the CLOVER/EFI/KEXTS/OTHERS folders, if i remove then from there i have no keyboard, mouse or trackpad so my...
  3. khird

    ethernet is not working !

    Hi i just finished my hackintosh build , and so far its good , expect for the network i tried to use the Ethernet cable , but it does not work , i have Killer E2200 Ethernet ( MSI site says it killer E2205 , but windows says its E2200 ) i tried to install the drivers that comes with MultiBeast...
  4. iiikynd

    Realtek 81113

    Hey guys, On my second Hackintosh build and having extreme issues getting my Realtek 8111E to connect to my internet. I've followed just about every guide, removing and installing new kexts , removing the s/l/e info. I was able to get it to finally show up as en0 but I'm still stuck. Does...
  5. jbreef

    WiFi-Bluetooth adapter

    I just saw a Hackintosh compatible (manufacturer's words) 802.11ac/Bt 4.0 PCIe adapter card on Amazon. I'm posting the link here ( I'm getting ready to build the mini hackintosh listed on this site and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with...
  6. blnd

    "Restarting" in OS X doesn't give up WiFi adapter for dual-boot?

    Hey everyone - this might be a better place to post it other than general help (if someone could remove that one?). This is my first hack and I've seemingly run into a problem that I can't find documented anywhere. There hasn't really been a full write up about the ASRock Z97E-iTX/ac mobo and I...