1. Aurash

    Netflix not working - any ideas?

    Hi, I tried to fix it with this command line: defaults write forceATI -boolean ye To enforce my hackintosh to use my AMD GPU for video decoding. However Netflix still gives me an error code, although WhatEverGreen is installed and iTunes Trailers are working so I assume that...
  2. rocketeer

    iTunes and safari video streaming not working

    I just created my first Hackintosh. So far everything has been going smoothly. I decided to try Mojave (10.14.2) and see if my GPU (Quadro K4000) could run properly. It appears that acceleration works... However, I am having an issue when trying to view iTunes movies. when I attempt watching...
  3. Farbe

    UHD630 / i7 8700k Youtube/Netflix Problems

    Hey guys, Setup: CPU: i7 8700k MB: Z370 d3h (Gigabyte) Ram: 32Gb 3200mhz (4 Dims) HDD: M.2 512GB Samsung 970 Pro GPU: UHD630 (Connectorless Platform ID) and Nvidia GTX 970 (Monitors Connected 1x HDMI (4k/60) 1xDVI(1080/60)) OS: 10.13.6 (without supplemental Updates) iMac 18.3 Working: Audio...
  4. jadevjs

    iGPU & dGPU switching

    Hi, First, huge gratitude to the community for helping me all these years in building and maintaining my hackintosh. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB - dGPU and as it doesn't support High Sierra unless I turn off metal, I thought I could use the Intel HD Graphics 4000 - iGPU for my Mac...
  5. hrhnick

    Netflix HTML5 Help!

    Hey guys, have Yosemite running flawless except for three issues. 1. iMessage, waiting for a NVRam fix. 2. Handoff, waiting on my new airport card AND 3. Netflix!!!!!!!! Yosemite and the new Safari support playback over HTML5. Previously Netflix used Silverlight, which sucks. I...