native power management

  1. Jasonintosh

    CPU Power Management Problem

    I have enabled Native CPU Power Management by setting plugintype=true. I checked the IOREGEXPLORER and under the PR00@0 the plugintype is 0x1 (true) and x86PlatformPlugin is loaded. But the power usage is still very high comparing to window's. When Mac OS is idling, the average intel pkg power...
  2. MattMcHackit83

    kernel_task always using above 100% CPU!

    Hi The fans on my new build were (and are) constantly running very loud and fast. I installed HWMonitor and discovered my CPU is almost constantly running at the maximum turbo speed, 3.4GHz -- it does fluctuate but rarely drops below 2.9GHz. CPU cores are constantly between 60 and 73°C! On...
  3. nioyco

    [Solved] Cpu stepper - i5-3570k - P-States stuck at x16 = only 1,6ghz [on 10.13.6 & 10.14]

    Hello, Problem with my CPU which never change P-States (optimization of the voltage and CPU frequency during operation) and so stay stucked at 1,6Hhz (middle of the capacity of my cpu) I'm trying to have CPU/GPU Native Power Management on 10.11 to 10.14 (Mojave) with a ivy bridge cpu...
  4. chaihaixin

    Sierra on thinkpad x1c 5th gen - unstable handoff/hotspot and unstable sleep

    i'm working to make Sierra 10.12.6 working on thinkpad x1 carbon 5th generation with strictly following below 3 guides, (with 100+ reading :)
  5. irjawais

    My laptop heat up

    I have installed Siera on my Hp Pavilion G6 I5-2410M . I generated ssdt files and place it in Patch folder of efi. i am using clover boot loader . but my laptop heatup to much i am afraid its heat up will distroy something. So whah should i do can any one help me please? Thanks in advance.
  6. mateusmms

    Problem TURBO BOOST Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz

    Hello my friends. I Have an Itautec W7730 I tried several ways, but I still could not get the turbo boost. I need set AppleIntelCPUPM in boot(clover) Any ideia?? Thanks!
  7. ben9923

    Native Power Management + SMBIOS Configuration

    Hi, I've been waiting for an 'easy' way to set a MacBook Pro 2016 SMBIOS, and a Clover Configurator update was just released with such support. I have a question, and after that I would probably need help configuring the Native Power Management (I read the guides of course, but I always find...
  8. interpolgp

    Native CPU/IGPU Power Management

    Hi I'm following Toledo's guide on native power management. ( Unfortunately I am stuck because I cannot achieve "Additional Native Power Management Properties (IOReg) -> LPC@1F" I...