1. Likosoad

    Dual boot with Sierra and UNRAID

    I have a special setup at the moment where I use my main powerful computer as a NAS and occasionally as an image/video editing device or gaming pc. I'm running Sierra (hackingtosh) and I'm using the latest version of the Clover bootloader. For NAS I'm using UNRAID. UNRAID has EFI support since...
  2. tykb10


    So I had and old Macbook that needed a new battery and so my wife tried to replace it while I was out of town and something else happened to go wrong with it at the same time and so after the new battery was put in, it would not power on. To top that of my external backup drive failed also. Any...
  3. Adamcarter

    Making the XRaid Great again! Ultimate Modification.

    Hello Folks, Almost a year ago. I read a forum post on another website of of a guy named xxredxpandaxx modding an old apple XRAID. Essentially Gutting the unit and painstakingly soldering sata through the mother board to allows the caddies to hold SATA drives. It was a great idea and it got me...
  4. bkendig

    [Solved] P7P55D-E Pro / Sierra loses Ethernet occasionally, stops TM backups

    This is a strange problem and probably a longshot to find anyone else hitting it, but I could use some ideas if anyone has any. I have an Asus P7P55D-E Pro mobo (with an 8112L networking controller) that was running 10.9 Mavericks for the past few years, no problems. A week ago I upgraded it to...
  5. HungrySoutherner

    Xserve Raid to JBOD/NAS Full Stock

    Ok so many have tried....few have succeeded but I think I have a good plan in place and am off to a good start. The plan is to convert an Xserve Raid to be used as a JBOD/ SAS expander back to a NAS server or Hackintosh raid controller. This will allow me to keep the case and all of the...
  6. mrchow19910319

    DIY server/NAS for apple time machine.

    Does any one knows how to DIY a server/NAS that is compatible with apple's time machine?? I am using my macbook for studying as well as work. I am currently hooking a 2.5 inch HDD to my laptop so that I can have a time machine back up. But sometime it gets annoying. You didn't plug it firmly...
  7. speeding_ant

    AutoMounter - Keep network shares mounted

    Introducing AutoMounter, a powerful menu item designed to automatically mount your network shares. We wanted our network shares always accessible and ready to use. If you've got a NAS appliance, a server at work, or even shared folders on your other computers, you'll know how time consuming it...
  8. Tucker28

    OSX NAS with ECC and ZFS, along with Raid 6 (RaidZ2) questions

    I'm looking to build an OSX or shortly macOS server as an NAS. I have already experienced entire raid losses because Raid 5 is no longer adequate with today's sheer HDD capacities. Just one of the many, many sources I researched this...
  9. Wellemann

    SOLVED - Yosemite crashes / reboots - 10.10.5. possible Time Machine issue

    Hello, I am stuck with sporadic reboots during backup with my 10.10.5 hackintosh. The build runs well (iCloud, Appstore etc seems to work properly even with some error logs in the console) and the system runs properly and smooth until the late crashes that occur only when enabling Time Machine...
  10. acerunt

    Build advice: ASRock Z97 Extreme6 + i7

    Hey all, long time lurker, first time registerer and poster. Looking to put together my first hackintosh and run OS X El Capitan dual booted with Windows 10 (UEFI?). The prospective base components: Corsair RM650X ASRock Z97 Extreme6 Intel i7-4790K Crucial Ballistix Tactical 32GB (4x8gb) DDR3...
  11. marcel.hack

    QNAP - Virtualisation Station

    Hi, anyone tried to install Mac on an QNAP NAS with Virtualization Station? I have running a OS X 10.8 Server just for VPN an File Sharing. Now i'm looking for a replacement ... Just wondering if this is / would be possible ... Thanks for your Replies
  12. jrd680chi

    How do I migrate from a Macbook HD to a SSD and NAS setup?

    So I've grown out of my hard drive and am moving to an SSD. It's only 250 GB while my new NAS will be 10 TB. My old setup is a 750GB Internal HD. It's filled up to about 650GB or so. Obviously this won't fit on a SSD in entirely. Here is the rest of the breakdown: 546.91 GB Home Folder...
  13. bballspartan08

    Already Have hackintosh built, Do I need a separate NAS? Or should I use File Sharing/or install OSX

    Hello everyone, so I've had my hackintosh built for about 4 months now and running great other then ebios read erroe but i think thats due to having a card reader installed that might not be compatible built parts listed below: Z87x-UD5H 8GB Ram (Probably going to upgrade to 16gb soon) i5...
  14. comma1234

    Switching to a NAS

    I've been building computers for decades, but one peripheral I've never really had an opportunity to use is a NAS box. I'm interested in getting a 4 or 5 bay box and looking for advice. The big players seem to be Netgear, QNAP, Drobo and Synology. I'd be using AFP shares and Time Machine. I'm...
  15. dpt90

    Building a NAS

    Hey guys I dont know if this is the best place to be asking but I want some advice on building a NAS for the purpose of editing. Need to have a motherboard with 2 Thunderbolt ports (thunderbolt 2 would be handy) looking to put 10 4TB drives in Raid 1+0, so I would like a recommendation on...
  16. tigerking9

    WEIRD QUESTION NAS as external HDD not fully working?!

    Hey Everybody, I need to tell you a small story in order to understand whats going on so here I go... Not so long ago I have purchased my first NAS = Business Storage 4-Bay NAS. Because my Ethernet port downstairs is too far away I want my NAS to connect directly into my Hackintosh using an...
  17. ubermick

    File server, HTPC, or NAS?

    Didn't really want to put this into buying advice, since at the moment I'm not set on what I want to do, but probably the best place for it... So my wife and I (who am I kidding, she's had nothing to do with it!) are renovating our downstairs room to serve as a second living room/man cave...
  18. iampaulb

    Thinking of a Hack NAS

    1st HackMac for my media needs Hello all you hackintosh people. I have been thinking of buying myself a NAS for sometime, i just dont like the web interfaces you get with them. So as a true apple fan boy, i was thinking of building a hackintosh NAS. Something similar to the CustoMac Mini...
  19. yupyup

    AsRock H77m-itx / Core i3 Home Media Center/NAS

    YupYup's Home Media Center / NAS: Core i3-3225 - AsRock H77M-ITX - Asus GT-210​ Components Processor: Core i3 3225 Mobo: AsRock H77M-ITX RAM: 8gb...
  20. guyinva

    Anyone know of a NAS box that can...

    Anyone heard of a NAS that would run two 1TB disks in RAID0, with a third 2TB disk to do periodic backups of the RAID0 via rsync (or similar)? Is there a term for this configuration already? I could build it myself, but I'd like to keep power and size to a minimum.